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Enjoy Industry Level Tiling Reviews, Guides and More!

Tilers Place is the only website to provide industry level tiling guides and tiling product reviews for everyone. No sign up fees, no subscriptions – just all the information you need to complete tiling projects in the way a professional tile setter would.

Using the website is easy, simply use the search bar above and type in what you are wanting to do with your tiles. 

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About Tilers Place

Tilers Place is a passion project started by Carl Anders. A professional tile setter with 25 years of experience in residential and commercial tiling.

Carl noticed a distinct lack of thorough tiling reviews and guides on the internet, with what content was available being poor in quality and extremely brief. It was the misleading tiling product reviews that really spurred Carl to start a website of his own in an attempt to combat those reviews. 

With no prior experience in building websites or even how to go about getting one, Carl learned the basics and Tilers Place was born. Growing in strength with every article written, Tilers Place grew into what it is today, helping hundreds of people every day with their tiling projects and professional tilers find the best tiling products.  

More Info
Tilers Place is the only internet resource dedicated to providing free and in-depth tiling tutorials and tiling tool reviews. From home DIY enthusiasts to professional tile setters from around the world, has all the knowledge and tips for anyone to learn the art of tile laying and tile maintenance.
The Tilers Place Story

Discover Industry Level Tile Laying Tutorials, Gear Guides & Much More!

The best part about the website is that there are absolutely no subscription fees, no signs up necessary or email list. Just search for the information you want and start learning. Just make sure to bring your ability to learn and make use of the site in whichever way you please! In 24 hours you can learn how to replace a damaged tile, how to grout using a grout float, fix tiles to a wall or floor and any other project you have around the home.

Getting around the website is simple, just use the search bar located on the homepage or above the content and type in your tiling question. Multiple articles will then pop up and provide all the information that you need.

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How Do You Practice Tiling?

Here is an example of a common tile installation guide that can be found on the internet. Note the lack of any detail that will lead any first timer into problems.

Tiling can be practised with tiles and a few simple tools like a trowel, tape measure, spacers, a tile cutter and a sponge. Any areas of the home are ripe for a tile project and you can use any tiles that lay around the house. A kitchen wall, known as a backsplash is a common first timer project for those new to tile installation. A floor in a lesser used room of the house is a great first step as well. Practising tile installation can only happen with properly installing the tiles as each tile laid will provide a new lesson. A cut or use of an angle grinder will be sure to test your mettle as well. Specific product will need to be used to install tile or be sure to have everything you need before starting the project.

Clean and wipe down the area that will feature the tile installation. Remove any pictures from the walls and check that the surface is dry. Old paint, bathroom fixtures or clutter in the space will need to be removed as well. Measure to make sure you have enough tile to cover the wall or floor. You will require at least one bag of tile mortar but the proper amount will be dependant on the surface. See the bag of mortar for coverage rates. Apply the thinset using the edge of the margin trowel and spread the mortar in straight lines. Lay the tile on the floor or wall and use spacers to create even gaps. Cut what tile you need to make them fit. Continue to lay the tile into your floor or wall is covered.

Wait 24 hours before grouting the tile. Mix your grout and apply it with a grout float into your tile. Rinse off the tiles with a sponge and then buff the grout haze away. Grout takes at least 3 days to cure properly so avoid using a grout sealer until then. Make a sign to ensure no one walks on your fresh tile installation until it is ready for traffic. Floor tile should avoid heavy traffic for longer.

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Did you learn anything from that? Sadly, no one else did either – and that’s the world of online tile guides in a nutshell.


How Tilers Place Began
Tilers is a life long goal and passion project started by Carl Anders. With over 25 years experience in laying tiles professionally over three continents, he wanted somewhere to share the knowledge he gained. With no children of his own to pass the knowledge onto, he felt that someone could benefit from his experience and get answers to questions he had to learn on his own.

Carl also noticed a massive lack of proper tile tutorials and tiling tool reviews on the internet. The websites that were talking about tiles were sorely lacking in detail or meaningful comment about tile installation and project management.

Many tile reviews were misleading with tool tutorials pointed out irrelevant or incorrect aspects of the tile tools, making new comers waste hours on trying to discover proper methods. Home owners needing education on simple things like how to cut tiles during tile installation would learn of methods employed 30 years ago. This and many other factors contributed to Carl starting a website about tile installation, tutorials and floor & wall tiles.

Carl had never built a website before, let alone had a blogging account. So just like the home owners and professionals learning about tile for the first time, Carl had to dig around and educate himself on website design and building. With a basic website up, the writing begun and the site started growing. Each new article published was an exercise in self determination and autodidact ingenuity. To this date, Carl has had no help with building Only his wife has helped with editing and providing high quality tiling photos thanks to her profession as a photographer.

About Carl Anders

Hi there! 

I’m Carl Anders, head writer and master of the ship here at Tilers Place. 

This website is my way of giving back for all the amazing things that I have learnt from generous people sharing their knowledge on the web. 

I’ve been a professional tile setter for over 25 years now (it’s really been that long?) and have had the opportunity to lay tiles in not only the United States, but also parts of England and even Australia. Since my first dabbings into tile as a 16 year-old, I have learnt many tiling tricks over the years and discovered the best tiling tools to get the job done right without wasting time. 

With all that tiling knowledge and experience kicking around in my head, I thought it’d might be useful to someone, somewhere if I shared what I could – hence why Tilersplace exists!

I hope you enjoy reading through my tiling gear reviews, tutorials like replacing a cracked tile and general tiling chat, with any luck you’ll learn something too! 

– Carl

Tilers Place