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Tilers Place

The Number 1 Website For All Tiling Product Reviews and Guides.

Grout Removal Tools

Discover the best tools for removing grout reviewed and tested. We have the ultimate guide on the internet.

Knee Pads For Work

Discover the best Knee pads for work reviewed and tested. Find the knee pads that ACTUALLY work for you.

Hand-held Tile Saws

Discover the best tile saws reviewed and tested by a tiling professional. Forget the cheap crap, get something quality.

Enjoy Industry Level Tiling Reviews, Guides and More!

Tilers Place is the only website to provide industry level tiling guides and tiling product reviews for everyone. No sign up fees, no subscriptions – just all the information you need to complete tiling projects in the way a professional tile setter would.

Using the website is easy, simply use the search bar above and type in what you are wanting to do with your tiles. 

About Tilers Place

Tilers Place is a passion project started by Carl Anders. A professional tile setter with 25 years of experience in residential and commercial tiling.

Carl noticed a distinct lack of thorough tiling reviews and guides on the internet, with what content was available being poor in quality and extremely brief. It was the misleading tiling product reviews that really spurred Carl to start a website of his own in an attempt to combat those reviews. 

With no prior experience in building websites or even how to go about getting one, Carl learned the basics and Tilers Place was born. Growing in strength with every article written, Tilers Place grew into what it is today, helping hundreds of people every day with their tiling projects and professional tilers find the best tiling products.