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Best Knee Pads for Work

Top 10 Knee Pads 2021

If you are a flooring professional or work a lot on your knees, wearing knee pads is one of the best ways to take care of your knees and look after their health.

So it’s important for you to find the best knee pads for work that keep your knees protected and also keep you comfortable while you work.

Best Knee Pads For Work - No Cry Professional Knee Pads

Best Knee Pads For Home Improvement/Less Intensive Work – NoCry Professional Knee Pads For Work

The NoCry Professional Knee Pads provide the best blend of durability and comfort for a wide range of work. Twin neoprene straps ensure they stay on for longer and pinch the skin less in comparison to velcro fasteners. 

The best part is they are very affordable.

Best Knee Pads For Tiling - Pro Knee Knee Pads

Best Knee Pads For Tiling/Long Term Kneeling – Proknee Knee Pads

Ask anyone that owns a pair of Pro Knee Knee Pads and everyone will say the same thing “Pro Knees or no knees.”

No other pair of professional knee pads comes close to receiving the amount of unanimous praise and support. Pro Knees are unsurpassed as the best knee pads for tiling and other extensive kneeling duties on any hard surface. Check out the smaller pair or the full length option on their website.

This review looks at the top 10 best knee pads for work.
Carl Anders - knee pads reviewer

Hi there, my name is Carl and welcome to my review of the best knee pads for work.

I have been tiling professionally for over 20-something years and in that time I have spent a great majority of it on my knees. As you can imagine, I am a big advocate for knee health and looking after that crucial but often ignored part of the body.

I know a good pair of knee pads for flooring professionals when I see it, and after reading this review, you will too.

After a session of tiling, I know whether a pair of knee pads will continue to serve me or if they are better off in the bin. 

If you work on your knees a lot, you don’t have the time or luxury to deal with useful knee pads as your continued ability to provide food for your families hinges on our knees being up to the task.

My review attempts to provide a means to help you skip the common riff-raff and allow you to find the right pair of knee pads for your work and look after your knees, no matter which hard surface you work on.

You only get one set of knees so let’s protect them and your health, let’s find the best knee pads!

Top 3 Best Knee Pads For Work *Quick Links*

I understand you might be busy and want the answers immediately. 

Below you will find the three best knee pads for working hard that won the review overall.

#1 Nocry Professional Knee Pads – Best Knee PAds

  • Dual buckling system with elastic neoprene straps 
  • Comfortable wide gel inserts
  • Great build quality for the price, a true pair of low price professional knee pads. 
The best knee pads for work are ones that are affordable and last a long time.

#2 Ogre Shield Easy Knee Pads

  • All Day Comfort – Most Comfortable Knee Pad In This Review
  • Non-Marring Outer Shell
  • Extremely Lightweight 
  • No Chaffing/Irriation Behind The Knees
  • American Designed + Made
The best knee pads for work are ones that are affordable and last a long time.
  • Most thorough protection of knees and legs
  • Tough Outer Shell
  • Designed to provide long-term comfort and protection
  • Protection from the roughest and toughest of surfaces
  • Straps ensure the large knee pads stay on all day
  • You look like an absolute boss wearing them!
The best knee pads #3 - Toughbuilt

 These are the Top 3 best knee pads for work at a glance.

If you would like to read in-depth about them and learn what makes them so good for flooring professionals and DIY tasks, you can continue reading the best knee pads review below. 

The Best Knee Pads For Work Information Table

Best Knee Pads For Work

Product ImageNameRankingBest Use For:Average Customer Rating
knee pads for workNoCry Professional Knee Pads#1•Tilers
•Carpet Layers
•General •Contractors
•Outdoors & Around the campsite.
4.5 out of 5 Stars
knee pads for workOgre Shield Easy Knee Pads#2•Everyone
•Carpet Layers
•General Contractors
•Outdoors & Around the campsite.
4.8 out of 5 Stars
knee pads for workTHUNDToughBuilt-TB-KP-3 Thigh Support Stabilization Knee-PadsERBOLT Professional Knee Pads#3•Tilers
•Carpet Layers
•Concrete Layers
•General Contractors
•Outdoors & Around the campsite.
4.5 out of 5 Stars
best knee pads for workKLEIN TOOLS 55629 TRADESMAN PRO KNEE PADS#4•Plumbers
•Concrete Layers
•General Contractors
•Outdoors & Around the campsite.
4.5 out of 5 Stars
best knee pads for workErgodyne ProFlex 342 Extra Long Cap Injected Gel Knee Pads#5•Tilers
•Concrete Layers
•General Contractors
4 out of 5 Stars
best knee pads for workCustom Leathercraft 339 Armor-Flex All Purpose Kneedpads with Hinge-like Cap#6•Users requiring occasional knee protection.
•Service Technicians
•General Contractors
•Outdoors & Around the campsite.
4.5 out of 5 Stars
best kneeling pads for workDeWALT DG5204 Professional Kneepads#7•Users requiring occasional knee protection.
•Service Technicians
•General Contractors
•Outdoors & Around the campsite.
4.5 out of 5 Stars
kneeling pads for workHeritage Leather 321 Easy Walk Double Felt Leather Knee Pads#8•Roofers
•Outdoors & Around the campsite.
4.5 out of 5 Stars
top kneeling pads for workingKP Industries Knee Pro Ultra Flex III Knee Pads#9•Landscapers
•General Contractors
4.5 out of 5 Stars
top 10 kneeling pads for workingSuperiorBilt Platinum Knee Pads#10•Gardeners
•Wooden Floor Workers
•Stone Masons
Outdoors & Around the campsite.
4 out of 5 Stars
Knee pads for work

Why You Need To Wear Knee Pads

Alright, time to scare you into buying some knee pads immediately.

Just kidding, the fact you are looking at best knee pads reviews is because you would have undoubtedly experienced knee pain at some point and are looking for ways to prevent it. You are also taking steps to look after your body and your health.

Good call.

Wearing knee pads to prevent injury

I was the same way. Except I ignored the writing on the wall and ended up in hopsital, two strokes shy of a full knee replacement.

Don’t be like me and wear a knee pad whenever you are working on your knees or kneeling on any hard surface. Trust me, a few bucks for some knee pads is much better than a tens of thousands of dollars in surgery bills and recovery time.

Common forms of knee injury from kneeling.

If you kneel a lot during your day, you’ll likely experienced some of these things: 

• Swelling and/or stiffness in the knee

• Redness or skin is warm to the touch

• Weakness or instability when standing or moving

• Inability to fully straighten the knee

• Popping or crunching noises when moving

If you don’t experience any of these knee health issues that’s great, wear knee pads to prevent these symptoms ever arising!

If you do experience any of these symptoms and they’re severe, I truly urge you to seek medical advice immediately as early diagnosis can hopefully save you from any major problems down the road.

Prepatellar bursitis, otherwise known as housemaid’s knee is one of the most common forms of knee injury that is caused from prolonged kneeling without protection. Prepatellar bursitis is the condition when your bursa, a small sac full of fluid, gets inflamed. This causes it to increase in size which in turn causes your knee to swell up and make movement extremely painful.

Meniscal and Baker’s cysts can also develop alongside articular cartilage injury. Sometimes such injuries can result in water in the knee, otherwise known as water effusion.

Treatment of the injuries can sometimes be as easy as resting up, to more severe treatments like corticosteroid injections, antibiotics and lastly, surgery.

The list of knee problems is actually a little bit bleak to consider and I don’t want to scare you, just be aware that injury to your knees can happen and it’s best to avoid it as much as possible.

Keeping your knee elevated above cold surfaces, supported to promote correct posture and protected from impact and pressure is your best bet against any knee injuries while you work.

So, now you know how to prevent knee injury and keep your knees healthy, let’s take a look at some knee pads for work that will help you with this.

The Best Knee Pads For Work Review – Top 10

#10 SuperiorBilt – Platinum Knee Pads

Knee pads - Platinum
Quick Knee Pads Review – Superiorbilt Platinum 
Superior Bilt Platinum knee pads just managed to scrape their way into this review.

While they offer quality knee protection and ankle support due to their very thick foam padding the longevity of these knee pads for work do not warrant such a high price.

The dual fasteners ensure a decent fit and hold well but if you do a lot of crawling there are better options for you.

People using these professionally as knee pads for work have reported that:

• The foam padding in these knee pads become very flat and deformed

• The material begins falling apart quickly

• Get dirty quickly

• Outer shell is not suitable for rough surfaces 

For a pair of tile setters knee pads for work these would not do, however, they do have other uses you will find out if you read further below.

  • Thick foam padding provides great protection on the roughest terrain
  • Tall profile keeps your ankles more supported
  • Dual adjustable straps
  • Soft material finish makes them ideal for finished surfaces like marble, wooden floors etc.
  • One of the most expensive knee pads on review
  • Quality is not suited for everyday use
  • Tall profile makes them unyielding.
  • Difficult to keep clean (from mortars + concrete) 

Knee Pads For Work Recommended For:

  • Gardeners
  • DIYers
  • Wooden Floor Workers
  • Stone Masons

Reviewing The SuperiorBilt Platinum Knee Pads For Work

The Superiorbilt knee pads are definitely one of the more unique designs and approaches to professional knee pads I have seen in a while.

Considering how saturated the market is with all sorts of knee pads for work, that is not an easy feat.

The Superiorbilt Platinum knee pads take a different approach than conventional knee pads with their very tall foam padding profile and overall long length. On paper, they’re designed to provide you with more than enough foam padding to keep your knees cushioned all day on any hard surface and also elevates your ankle so you are not putting so much pressure on it while kneeling. This helps greatly with overall knee health and preventing injuries.

They passed the driveway gravel test with moderate grades due to their tendency to slip off my knees during the crawl. The neoprene straps provided do work well since they go over the top and bottom of your knee and are proper adjustable straps, however, it’s the overall height of the knee pads that render the straps useless.

They are simply too tall and narrow to afford you any proper mobility as they will constantly slide sideways off your kneecap. If you misplace your knee at any angle besides perfectly straight the knee pads will shift and your body weight will force them sideways.

You will be constantly adjusting them during the workday if you either are moving around a lot or in the case of tiling, twisting your lower body to place a tile or make a cut. The problem stems from the padding being too shallow, not allowing your knees to be set deeply in them, if the padding allowed your knees to be deeper in the knee pad overall, they would stay on better. Even if you tighten the adjustable straps to uncomfortable levels, you still face that problem.

The Parts I Liked About the Platinum Knee Pads For Work

This is a tricky criterion to judge these high priced knee pads on as nearly all positive aspects of these knee pads come with a major BUT that makes these knee pads a two-edged sword.

I’ll start with the only genuine positive and that is their soft finish.

Not a lot of knee pads provides a means to protect delicate surfaces and these are finished with a soft material that won’t scratch anything. The last thing you want is your flooring knee pads scratching up a delicate wooden floor that has just been lacquered and polished or a soft natural stone floor.

This aspect is definitely something to keep in mind pal as you could be held liable for repairing scratches caused by your knee pads. It’s a very real threat and I have known a few guys that had money detracted from their payment for such repairs.

So if you are working in such environments, I would keep a pair of these knee pads handy.     

The Parts I Liked But Also Didn’t About the Platinum Knee Pads For Work

This is a hybrid category that only these knee pads will have as I need to address the double-edged sword design of these knee pads.

As mentioned before the thick padding does provide you with a nice cushion for your knees. It is thick and provides support not only from below but all around the sides of your knee.

Superior Knee Pads - Back view

The overall support really does keep your knees from feeling the outside elements you are kneeling on and ensures it stays that way all day, breathable neoprene material helps with comfort. The problem with this feature is that it is simply too tall, too angular and blocky to be practical for any mobility.

Just by looking at them you can see how angular they are and this means if you misplace that knee and place it down on an angle, you will hit the floor with the flat corner of the pad and it will simply slide sideways off your knee. This renders the protection that these knee pads were designed to provide pretty much useless. Don’t count on the adjustable straps helping prevent this either.

The foam pads are designed to provide a means for keeping your ankles supported as you’ll be able to keep your feet at a natural ninety-degree angle to the floor. Personally, this foam pads feature is moot for me as I wear proper work boots for work and they provide the same support with any knee pads I wear. The last problem with this padding is that it’s simply that. Padding.

Most modern knee pads are now filled with gel technology which feels more natural and provides the same amount of support for a whole lot less bulk. It’s not this point that is the biggest problem though. It’s the fact the padding is of very low quality and tends to deflate, deform and flatten within a month or two of regular use.

For the price of these flooring knee pads, we would expect a product that will last longer than that. Even the cheapest low price knee pads can outlast these guys. This brings me to the final point of these knee pads which is the overall durability and quality of them.

We already mentioned the padding which would be better used to fill a ladies push up bra rather than be put in knee pads so let’s talk about the adjustable straps. The neoprene straps are simple thick bands of adjustable elastic with a clasp and button system used for fastening.

A common problem with this system is that the buttons that hold that clasps are simply:

• Too weak

• Flimsy

• Catch On Objects 

These knee pads have been known to fail very quickly due to the buttons breaking off and once they’re broken you might as well just throw the pair out. The elastic bands are also not great for anyone wearing these in short pants. While you avoid the issues of velcro straps where they scratch and eat into your delicate flesh, you still get similar levels of discomfort.

If your working on a hot day this elastic will begin to get sweaty, hot and start irritating your skin before an hour of work has been put in. Something to remember if you are working on your knees for hours on end.

My Final Verdict on the SuperiorBilt Platinum Knee Pads For Work

If you require a pair of knee pads for occasional use or work with delicate flooring surfaces often, then these knee pads could be the ones for you. The high level of padding could make them ideal for you if your knees are on the borderline of replacement as they provide some of the most cushioning out of all the knee pads on review today.

For regular professional use, they fall far from the mark as the best knee pads. I would pass these up for a different pair as they simply will not hold up long enough to be of value to us. Also, you might find the tall and narrow profile a hindrance or find you will need time to adapt to wearing such a design.

The material is also super prone to get dirty, especially from the sticky stuff like cement and tile mortar. That stuff sticks and once hard, is difficult to wash off. You can’t wash these knee pads in the washing machine either. (If you’ve tried, let me know!)

If you think these knee pads are for you then you can learn more and order your pair here at Amazon.Com

#9  KP Industries – Knee Pro Ultra Flex III Knee Pads

KP - Industries Knee Pads For Work
Quick Knee Pad Review:

Remember when I mentioned that knee pads are your knights in shining armor for your knees?

I think KP Industries heard me and designed to provide a concept that stuck very closely to my words. The Pro Ultra flex iii knee pads are the most akin to armor worn by medieval knights of old that I have ever seen.

On a whole, these are of a very basic and almost primitive design principle but they offer great protection with their inner foam padding and tough exterior shell. 

The two-part hinged hard plastic knee pad style works great for keeping the knee pads in position all day without sliding.  

However, that same system also makes them susceptible to breaking if you manage to break the central pin. If you are careful with that you will find you the kp industries knee pads to be a nice if a somewhat primitive way to protect your knees on hard surfaces.

I use them for extremely rough or uneven surfaces as the hard plastic outer shell is able to withstand sharp rocks and the like without making me feel it.

As tiling knee pads, the Pro Ultra Flex iii knee pad does have a place, especially if you lay mud/screed a lot in your work. 

  • Plastic casing makes these perfect for heavy duty applications
  • Placement of straps ensure a tight fit with no slipping throughout the day
  • Decent level of padding inside keeps knees protected.
  • The hinge on the two-part system can break or catch against the other knee if legs are placed together
  • Mud or sloppy material can force its way between the two parts
  • Overall unflattering and cheap finish


 c Knee Pads Recommended For:

  • Landscapers
  • Tilers
  • General Contractors
  • DIYers
  • Outdoors & Around the campsite.

Reviewing The KP Industries Knee Pro Ultra Flex 3 Knee Pads 

That’s definitely a mouth-full, huh?

For brevity sake we will call them the Pro Ultra Flex iii knee pads throughout this review are making you read that and making me type that out every time is a waste of your time. We got better things to do, like learning about these hinged knee pads instead.

The Pro Ultra Flex iii knee pads are one of the oldest designs we will be reviewing apart from a pair of leather knee pads which will come later.

Just looking at these takes me on a time warp back to the 90’s. My beard was barely a stubble and my tiling skills were still a blunt nub compared to what they are now. (They’re still a blunt nub, albeit a slightly bigger nub,) These knee pads are best for work but take tiling out of it. Tiling requires too many body movements and twisting and these limit mobility too much for that.

If you want to use the kp industries knee pad for tiling, sure go ahead, however, there are better options out there for you that are designed to provide greater protection around the knee and provide a means  for more mobility. I would save these for outdoor work of any description and maybe for Halloween when you decide to go as a knight. Just spray paint them silver.

The Parts I Like About The KP Industries Knee Pro Ultra Flex 3 Knee Pads

Apart from the hinged concept these are a very simple design and do what they’re made to do well. The outer casing is made of hard plastic that is thin enough to bend when kneeling on uneven surfaces. This enables great comfort and planting to the surface during work.

The cushioning is of the simple foam padding kind but it is closed cell so it won’t drink up that sweat as readily as the open kind. It lines the bottom of the two parts where your knee rest and goes all around providing full knee coverage and support.

This foam is not overly thick however and you do start feeling the kneeling tension after a couple hours. I wish the foam as double the thickness. Currently the foam is about twice the thickness of a computer mouse pad. (Do people still use mouse pads?) 

The best part of the Pro Ultra Flex iii knee pad and something that is paramount on any pair of good knee pads is the placement of the adjustable strapsYou all have experienced that nagging burning sensation when the neoprene straps migrate together behind your knee and irritate your skin as your thigh and calf connect together. This may not be so bad if your wearing pants but on a warmer day and you need to wear shorts, this will drive you to the point of needing to rip the knee pads off.

This was one of the biggest reasons I didn’t wear knee pads as often as I should have and my wife making the threats she did. I like to think of it all as fate as if I didn’t end up in the hospital I wouldn’t begin work on the world’s biggest knee pad review. If you ever read a longer piece about professional kneepads, let me know!

Back to the Pro Ultra Flex iii knee pads.

The adjustable straps are like everything else in these knee pads, simple but functional. They are simple elastic that measures around 1 inch wide and 14 inches long that offers adjustment to ensure a snug fit around the knee and help them stay in place. The elastic attaches to the knee pads by a simple buckle. This system is sturdier and better made than the buckle on the previously tested knee pads so it will last.

The orange logo located on the knee pads doubles as a non-slip surface that ensures you won’t be sliding around on smooth surfaces and is an appreciated feature.

The Parts I Didn’t Like About The KP Industries Knee Pro Ultra Flex 3 Knee Pads

If it isn’t obvious, it’s the general primitive and overall finish of the knee pads that bring them down. While the design is great it’s the manufacturing and materials that make the knee pads feel cheap and hinder their performance. The plastic is harsh around the edges and can catch on hair and skin quite often and the foam padding really needs to be updated to a modern gel compound.

Also, the plastic shell prevents the knees from breathing properly on warmer days. It’s a confined little environment that can get uncomfortable in time. It’s not a deal breaker but needs to be mentioned if you will be thinking of using these workers knee pads.

Lastly, the metal pin that holds the two pieces together can be broken easily if you aren’t careful or it gets struck hard during whatever task your doing. I have had the two clips from either pad connect and catch each other when my legs were closed. Nothing too major but it’s the small things that eventually add up.

My Final Verdict On KP Industries Knee Pro Ultra Flex 3 Knee Pads

In the gravel test, these knee pads performed well as they stayed in position throughout the slog and kept my knees safe from the rocks and debris. They thoroughly encompass your knees and stay on through-out the rigours of the day and kneeling on hard surfaces.

For a concrete layer or anyone working outside, I would highly recommend these for you as they are exactly what you need. Anyone working indoors or on delicate surfaces that scratch I would suggest you keep looking down my list for something more suitable.

Great all round durability and simple materials make this a lasting knee pad so don’t expect to be replacing your set any time soon.

You can check em out at Amazon and order your pair here.

#8 Heritage Leather – Easy Walk Double Felt Leather Knee Pads

Heritage Leather - Knee Pads For Work
Quick Review – Heritage Leather Knee Pads

Oh now here’s a vintage design if I have ever seen one.

My old man had the exact same pair of leather knee pads given to him by the mine he used to work at. Just goes to show if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

He rates them very highly and still uses a pair of these as his go-to flooring knee pads for work. These knee pads give you a lot of comfort, support around the knee and the simple design actually helps the knee pad stay in place. These Heritage Leather knee pads have a thick layer of felt that is designed to provide excellent absorption on any surfaces you may kneel on and help prevent knee pain.

While I love the simple and minimalist design it does limit the use of these knee pads to a select few areas.  Genuine leather is perfect for smooth materials to kneel on like finished flooring and certain kinds of roofs, working on rough surfaces can tear these up to a sorry state. 

Anyone working on a roof? These are your knee pads for roofing!

  • Comfortable and wide for a large range of knee size
  • Decent level of padding inside keeps knees protected.
  • Ideal for delicately finished floors 
  • Lightweight
  • The leather is non-slip making working on roofs easier over plastic knee pads
  • Single Strap is too short for some
  • Knee pads get dirty very quickly due to absorbent materials
  • Felt padding wears flat in time
Leather Knee Pads Recommended For:

  • Roofers
  • Tilers
  • General Contractors
  • DIYers
  • Outdoors & Around the campsite.
  • Gardening

Reviewing The Heritage Leather 321 Easy Walk Double Felt Leather Knee Pads

Upon slapping on the single leather band around my knees and tightening the buckle I felt like a colonial worker off to lay cobbled streets or build city hall.

There’s something about these leather knee pads that give them such charm and heritage and you feel that while wearing it. Be it that they’re of such an old design or that the knee pads are made here in the US, you will feel it too when you put them on. The fact that there isn’t a lot of leather knee pads around any more also gives them that old-timey feel of yesteryear. 

Despite the simple design and materials, these knee pads do a damn fine job of protecting your knees on hard surfaces.

I felt cushioned and safe while doing the gravel crawl and due to the curved top lip, they held in place really well despite the single strap. These knee pads would be ideal if you are kneeling on smooth materials all day that aren’t jagged like rocks or gravel to ensure they last you a long time. They will work great as roofers knee pads as the thick felt and leather will protect you from the hot surfaces you will be kneeling on while providing adequate grip.

The single leather strap avoids the issues of velcro straps by being thin. You literally have a thin sliver of leather behind the knee which is definitely much nicer over long periods then the thick and scratchy velcro straps that feature on many a knee pad. They also function as adjustable straps with with a simple metal clasp which works well but can be fiddly at times.

The Parts I Like About The Heritage Leather 321 Easy Walk Double Felt Leather Knee Pads

On the whole, these knee pads are simply brilliant doing what they were designed for. I have spent hours on my knees with these knee pads and not once did I feel pain in my knees nor did the cold sink up through the material.

With the knee pads thick saddle leather and double felt, I don’t think I’d feel the cold even if I was kneeling on solid ice. The knee pads are designed for all workers with a wide fit to hold all knee types and sizes and the soft overall design ensures you can strap them in tight.

The Parts I Didn’t Like About Heritage Leather 321 Easy Walk Double Felt Leather Knee Pads

The natural and simplistic design of these knee pads can also tend to be their downfall. Mainly being the leather itself.

Users of these Heritage Leather knee pads have reported that some pairs suffer from a poor quality of leather that make them less durable than others. I am not an expert on tanning hide but the disparity between batches of knee pads makes me wonder about the quality control at the leather factory.

 “Leather factory”, now that’s a word I never thought of till now…

Sounds stupid…


In terms of durability, I am talking about the surface area that contacts the ground, if you kneel on the harsher stuff or even rough concrete they tend to get torn up pretty bad. They don’t tear, it’s just that the surface begins to get very rough and ratty which brings me to the other point.

These knee pads can get heavily encrusted with:

• mortar

• thinset or whatever very quickly if you don’t take care of them. 

Other a few weeks my pair weighed double of their original weight and it was hard to find a clean surface. The felt is particularly susceptible to this as any mortar just sticks to it like glue and is difficult to scrape out.

If you want to use them as knee pads for tiling, maybe just keep them for those natural stone jobs so you have a safe non-scratching pair of knee pads and use another pair for every day.

You could clean these knee pads in a washing machine however, which you can’t do with many other pairs on review today, a bonus point that you should make sure to consider. 

My Final Verdict On The Heritage Leather 321 Easy Walk Double Felt Leather Knee Pads

If you work on smooth surfaces and have found other knee pads to either slide off or aren’t comfortable enough then stop reading now and buy these leather knee pads.

They are made for you and will be the best knee pads you have ever owned. If you use them for what they’re designed to provide then these old legends will serve you like a trusty steed and ensure your knees are protected for years to come.

Despite the tendency to absorb my thinset I still love using my pair of Easy Walk Leather Knee Pads as they are designed to provide kneeling pleasure. 



Alternative Option: Troxell USA produces a fantastic pair of leather knee pads called the Supersoft Leatherhead knee pads. They have much thicker foam padding and are much more comfortable. 

Like these knee pads? You can learn more at and order your pair here. 

Honorable Mention – Troxell supersoft leatherhead

Quick Review:

The Troxell Supersoft Leatherhead leather knee pads deserve a mention in this review. Hell – they deserve to WIN this workers knee pad review.

At time of writing, I didn’t yet get my hands on the supersoft leatherhead knee pads but they did get their own standalone review at a later point on my site. These knee pads are another excellent example of breaking the mold and offering something new.

With generous use of breathable neoprene on the thick strap and truly thick foam pads that hug the knee, the supersoft leatherhead knee pads are one of the best leather knee pads you can buy.

If you look closely, you can see the thick breathable neoprene strap wraps around the knee and actually fastens at the front. This allows very easy fastening of the knee pad and also makes me rather comfortable for the sensitive skin behind the knee. I can wear them in summer, in shorts, and they don’t get irriated.

I can honestly wear these all day quite happily without discomfort. Let that sink in. You can literally wear these knee pads all day and forget you’re wearing them. I literally spend 9 hours at work today, kneeling for most of it and getting up, walking to my tile saw and back – all day – and I forgot I was wearing knee pads. 





If you’ve worn work knee pads before, you’ll be digging out your credit card already. To those that haven’t, trust me, it’s a big deal.

The biggest issues with these knee pads is the soft leather front. Thinset loves to stick to it and can build up over time if you don’t take care of them. I usually give them a proper clean once a week but reccomend you clean them off with a sponge after each session. 

If you work with wooden floors or other areas that are clean, you’ll love these knee pads. Not only will they not scratch the surface you’re kneeling on, but they’ll also stay put during the day and keep you comfortable. 

The supersoft leatherhead knee pads are made in the USA and so are more pricey, the premium is worth it however as the quality is up there with the best.

If you are after leather knee pads or just a quality knee pad, definitely consider the Troxell supersoft leatherhead knee pads, you won’t be disappointed. 


#7  DEWALT – DG5204 Professional Gel Knee Pads


Quick Review:

No, it’s not a mistake. Despite the Dewalt DG5204 professional knee pads having the first place in many best workers knee pads reviews, in my testing, they simply could not have won.

I honestly believe the testers didn’t even wear the knee pads, they just assumed they would be the best because of their name and popularity.

To be honest with you, they shouldn’t even be mentioned in this review. Let me know if you know of a knee pad that deserves their spot. 


I think you’ll agree with me after reading my review that those other reviews are wrong. I give you a virtual handshake for doing your research before spending your money on crappy knee pads. If you want an honest review of the Dewalt DG5204 Professional Knee pads and are not one to give into hype then you have come to the right place.

My website exists for this very reason, I am sick and tired of seeing biased “reviews” of products that are incorrect. So yes, the Dewalt DG5204 Professional Knee pads are 7th out of 10. Not number 1 like every other biased review will say, simply because they’re not that great and they’re far from being the best knee pads.

Yes, they feature all the toys like velcro straps, gel technology, breathable neoprene, and yes, they will protect your knees and they are modern with gel inserts and thick semi adjustable straps  around the knee however that’s not all that make a good set of workers knee pads. The dewalt dg5204 knee pad becomes uncomfortable very quickly if you are moving around or kneeling all day and that’s only the beginning. Frankly, they are designed to provide knee pain and discomfort.

  • Modern Gel Inserts
  • Thick Knee Straps
  • Good Protection On Rough Floors
  • Bad Quality – Made worse because you expect more from a reputable company like De Walt
  • Top of knee pad ends up directly under knee cap 
  • Shifts a lot during work.
  • After daily use, they deflate like a balloon
 Knee Pads Recommended For:

  • Users requiring occasional knee protection.
  • Service Technicians
  • General Contractors
  • DIYers
  • Outdoors & Around the campsite.
  • Gardening

DeWalt DG5204 Professional Knee Pads Review

I admit I was excited to try these out.

I have been using DeWalt power tools for a very long time and when they started producing knee Pads I expected them to be the next best thing since sliced cheese. Turns out that just like sliced cheese they don’t taste as good as they look. Similar sickly yellow color as well. Funny that.

On the surface, they look like they will work great. They feature modern gel technology in the form of gel inserts with neoprene fabric to absorb sweat and keep you comfortable throughout the day. As a knee pad for flooring professionals, they ticked the initial boxes quickly.

I noticed the problem once I began the gravel test. They simply would not stay in place for too long but since I didn’t feel the gravel in my knees I decided to take them to work and try the real test on numerous hard surfaces.

The Parts I Like About The DeWalt DG5204 Knee Pads.

The modern gel inserts feel great underneath you when you kneel. It feels more natural to standard foam padding and works with your knee as you adjust your weight during work. Also, the thick plastic outer shell kept my knees from feeling the roughest of surfaces underneath. They are built fairly heavy duty and should keep you protected for shorter periods of time.

The Parts I Didn’t Like About The DeWalt DG5204 Knee Pads.

Their overwhelming popularity did nothing to ease my pain after wearing these for a day at work. After laying a kitchen floor the backs of my knees were burning and I was reminded why I didn’t wear knee pads in the first place. They simply created more pain. The problem with the DeWalt dg5204 professional knee pad is that they’re fairly shallow and if you are crawling around they will shift up your knee and barely stay in place.

The top part of the pads will end up in the middle of your knee and the thick edge will be cutting into your knee as you kneel. That padding won’t be helping you much then nor will it fit snugly around the knee. The buckles that are part of the straps do not feel the sturdiest and there are many feedbacks from other customers saying they broke off during use. While I didn’t have a problem with that I had an overall problem with the quality of these flooring knee pads.

After a month of use, they were flat and the gel became pretty much useless as it was pushed aside and not directly underneath my knee. That is very disappointing to see from a pair of professional kneepads made by the giant De Walt. Just like you, I expected much more from them.

 My Final Verdict On The DeWalt DG5204 Knee Pads.

The reputation of DeWalt is not enough to make these flooring knee pads winners in any regard.

As for other’s calling them the best knee pads, I seriously don’t see how they came to that conclusion as I had enough problems with these knee pads to shadow out the positives. They look great and may have some decent features but for a professional flooring contractor or tiler, these are not the best workers knee pads. Take a look at some customer reviews on and you’ll see many of my thoughts echoed back in their feedbacks.

These are great if you require occasional use of knee pads or don’t kneel too often during your workday. If that sounds like a right application for you, these knee pads should do the job. Otherwise, I would keep reading to see which other knee pads for flooring would suit your applications better.

Learn more about these knee pads at Amazon.

#6 Custom Leathercraft – 339 Armor-Flex All Purpose Knee Pads

Custom leathercraft knee pads
Custom Leathercraft Knee Pads Quick Review:

The Custom Leathercraft Armor-Flex knee pads are a great heavy duty kneepad designed to provide comfort for light duty home improvement use.

By looking at them you will think they are much more expensive than they actually are. They currently sell in the low tier and for the money, it looks like you get a lot of value for your money.

They are a true pair of low price professional kneepads.

Initially, I thought that too as they performed well in the gravel test. They held in place well and it was easy to move around thanks to the tall design and dual adjustable straps set far apart on your leg, saving the usual irritation from velcro straps. Sadly the price came back to bite me as the foam padding was simply not up to the task of everyday use and overall they began to fall apart.
  • Tall Design Ensures a snug comfortable fit
  • No Velcro to scratch the skin and hurt the back of your legs.
  • Good protection on rough floors
  • Top Rivet can pop off after time
  • Foam padding not up to extensive use
  • Tall design may prove too narrow for wider legs
Knee Pads Recommended For:

  • Users requiring occasional knee protection.
  • Service Technicians
  • General Contractors
  • DIYers
  • Outdoors & Around the campsite.

Custom Leathercraft 339 Armor-Flex All Purpose Knee Pads Review

Custom Leathercraft have produced an appealing set of knee pads ideal for occasional use on rough and uneven surfaces. 

If you will be working over rocks or gravel for instance then these will be a great pick. I love the fact there is no Velcro to itch and scratch my legs if I am working in shorts and the elastic straps hold in place well. The long plastic cap flexes enough to be able to walk around in without hindering your movement.

The Parts I Like About The Custom Leathercraft 339 Armor-Flex All Purpose Knee Pads

What really makes these knee pads winners is that they hold in place well even if you crawl around a lot during your working day. Custom Leathercraft avoided the popular velcro straps in favor of thick elastic straps are comfortable and are adjustable to fit your legs snuggly.

The plastic outer shell makes them great for outdoor work and the multiple textured surfaces ensure you do not slide around. In regards to pricing, you get a lot of knee pads for your dollar but this factor hinders them in the long run as the materials used aren’t of the best quality.

The Parts I Didn’t Like About The Custom Leathercraft 339 Armor-Flex All Purpose Knee Pads.

Once again another pair of professional kneepads is effected by cheap materials.

While the Custom leathercraft knee pads are nice and versatile for a variety of surfaces, if pushed too far you will see the cracks begin to show. Literally cracks – as the outer shell has a tendency to crack especially if used extensively on tough surfaces.

My pair had a large crack in the side that started effecting my use of these knee pads. Also, the padding itself is not made to last. In my time using them the eva foam padding wore down significantly to the point I was feeling the hard outer shell. Keep in mind also that these knee pads are fairly narrow, if you have wider knees or legs you might have difficulty fitting them. 

My Final Verdict On The Custom Leathercraft 339 Armor-Flex All Purpose Knee Pads

If you have average sized knees and regular occasional use of flooring knee pads over the very rough stuff, then the custom leathercraft 339 Armor-Flex knee pads are designed to provide for you. Their price make them an affordable option for part time work and home owners needing a pair handy.

I wouldn’t go for them if you are hunting for a pair to use daily as you will find you will be purchasing a new pair a month or two down the track to replace your first pair. Ideal if you are needing a pair of knee pads to protect your knees for tasks like crawling underneath your house or doing garden work without having them shift too often. Overall their lack of long term performance didn’t make them winners of the best knee pads award.

If you think these knee pads are for you then you can learn more order your pair at Amazon.

#5 Ergodyne – ProFlex 342 Extra Long Cap

Quick Review: 

We are getting into the Top 5 and now the real big boys come out to play.

Ergodyne have taken the design concept of the Custom Leathercraft knee pads (#6) and refined it with quality material and a better design.

The Ergodyne Proflex protect your knees with a comfortable gel insert and cushions them all around thanks to their deep design.

Ergodyne Proflex knee pads
The Ergodyne Proflex protect your knees with a comfortable gel insert and cushions them all around thanks to their deep design. Not only do they protect your knees but also your shins, making them ideal if you kneel on ledges or any narrow edge.

The hard plastic shell has soft inserts on the main contact points giving you a soft suspension like feeling and make them even more shock absorbent. A clever dual strap system allows you to move the lower strap to best suit your leg shape which all together make for one great set of knee pads for professionals.

All this does come as a price unfortunately and these knee pads run for about double the cost of the lower tier knee pads I review here today. However, if you want a quality knee pad that will last, the Ergodyne Knee Pads are well worth the price.

  • Tall Design Ensures a snug comfortable fit
  • Good Protection On Rough Floors
  • Additional Shin Protection
  • Soft gel inserts provide all day comfort
  • One of the more expensive knee pads on the market.
  • Back strap needs more velcro to ensure a tighter fit on some legs
  • Placement of back strap may create discomfort over time
Knee Pads Recommended For:

  • Tilers
  • Concrete Layers
  • Landscapers
  • General Contractors
  • DIYers
  • Outdoors & Around the campsite.

Ergodyne Proflex 342 Extra Long Cap Knee Pads Review

Ergodyne have created one fine pair of knee pads with the 342 Extra Long Caps.

They took the basic knee pad design and modernized it with great modern features like thick gel padding and soft plastic for the outer shell. Over the gravel, I had a great pain free experience with the pads mostly staying in place across the whole course.

The greatest feature about these knee pads is the elongated cap that protects your shins as well as your knee. The movable bottom strap allows you to adjust it’s position for the greatest comfort and fit. It’s a nifty feature of these knee pads that truly sets them apart from the others and I wish more knee pads had it. The gel technology incorporated into the pads really helps on any hard surface as well. 

The Parts I Like About The Ergodyne Proflex 342 Extra Long Cap Knee Pads

I have to touch on the cosmetic side of these knee pads as they really look great and eye-catching. The clear outer shell has interesting patterns and ridges that not only look great but also flex under your weight to provide a cushy feeling and protect your knees.

While the elongated cap can get in the way during tiling work on the whole it proves more worth over the minor inconvenience it creates. If you kneel on uneven surfaces then these knee pads should be right up there on your buy list as they will be the a life saver over long hours. The adjustable straps do a decent job of keeping the Ergodyne Proflex pads in place as well.

The Parts I Didn’t Like About The Ergodyne Proflex 342 Extra Long Cap Knee Pads

The long narrow cap can prove uncomfortable if you have a wide leg and shin. The plastic cap and gel do not accommodate the extra width well as the size is pretty much set due to the way the knee pads are set.

You might be thrown off the cost if you are looking for a general set of flooring knee pads that will not see daily use. The biggest problem could be the thick top strap that rests across the back of your knee, on hot days they will be sweaty and begin to itch. If you are reading this review then you know how uncomfortable that can get to the point of you needing to remove them to stop the pain. If you are not one to wear shorts then this problem will not affect you as the backs of your legs will be covered.

My Final Verdict On The Ergodyne Proflex 342 Extra Long Cap Knee Pads

If you want a sturdy pair of knee pads for rough terrain and long hours indoors then these are for you. Stop reading now and buy them with the link below as they will do the job very well. In all honesty, any pair in the Top 5 can pretty much win the comparison as they are all great solid knee pads suitable for hard work.

If you think these knee pads are for you then you can learn more order your pair at Amazon.

#4 Klein Tools – 55629 Tradesman Pro Knee Pads

Klein Knee Pads
Quick Review:

If you require heavy-duty knee pads in wet areas then Klein Tools have designed the perfect knee pads to protect your knees in the rough stuff.

A raised hard shell out cap keeps you elevated and well above the wet muck beneath you and keeps your knees from getting wet and cold. A single thick strap locks beneath your knee and together with a buckle and Velcro ensures a tight fit.

I found the tall knee pads did tend to roll off if I didn’t tread carefully so these will not be for everyone. They’re suited primarily for anyone working in messy environments especially outdoors or anywhere the surface is wet or very cold. While I would not recommend them for general tiling work, other trades should be more than happy with them especially concrete layers or landscapers.
  • Well padded with both gel inserts and polyurethane foam
  • Tall knee cap provides superior protection in wet areas
  • Single knee strap is comfortable and quick to use
  • One of the more expensive knee pads on the market.
  • Overall look is somewhat disappointing and makes the pads look cheaper than they are.
  • Tall Cap can make kneeling on uneven surfaces awkward
Knee Pads Recommended For: 

  • Plumbers
  • Concrete Layers
  • Landscapers
  • General Contractors
  • DIYers
  • Outdoors & Around the campsite.

Klein Tools 55629 Tradesman Pro Knee Pads Review

Out of all the knee pads on review these are by far the tallest and provide the highest lift off the kneeling surface. This is great if you want to avoid getting wet or are kneeling in soft mud all day. The hard plastic outer shell is easy to clean and wraps around the knee pads to protect the soft inner from stains and splashing.

I enjoyed the single adjustable strap that attaches with Velcro and then gets stiffened up with an additional buckle to ensure a snug fit. It’s a shame the Tradesman Pros are so expensive as despite the dual layers of foam the price doesn’t seem justified.

If you twist or move around a lot during work then you might want to stay clear of these as the tall height will make these pads prone to shifting off your knee.

The Parts I Like About The Klein Tools 55629 Tradesman Pro Knee Pads

I laid many mud (screed) floors with these and found the raised height to be handy for that job.

I always enjoyed the fact that I could comfortably kneel on any wet surface without worrying they would get ruined or stained from the various primers on the floor. The thick single strap system tends to not bunch up behind my knee even during the longest of days which is a great bonus.

The outer shell is non skid and easy to clean off at the end of the day, all this just confirms these gel knee pads superior ability at working in wet and soft terrain.

The Parts I Didn’t Like About The Klein Tools 55629 Tradesman Pro Knee Pads

The main benefit of the Tradesman Pros also count as the biggest draw back. The overall tall profile of the design make them prone to twisting if you move a lot on the job.

This can be a problem if you are laying tile floors as the various manoeuvres we do will force these knee pads off your knee cap. Going by the looks alone the price seems hard to justify however overall build quality is good so the pads should hold up a decent while. They are definitely fairing better than my DeWalt knee pads in any case!

My Final Verdict On The Klein Tools 55629 Tradesman Pro Knee Pads

If you are wanting the knee pads that work well in wet conditions then the Klein Tools Tradesman Pro’s are for you. Providing a great raised position above the muck and water will keep you dry for the whole entire job. While I didn’t like the price of the knee pads the overall build quality and materials help make your purchase feel worth while.

For the time I have used them they have held up great and didn’t deform at all and having no pain in my knee was very rewarding.

If you think these knee pads are for you then you can learn more or order your pair at Amazon.


#3 ToughBuilt – TB-KP-3 Thigh Support Stabilization Knee Pads

Toughbuilt knee pads
Quick Review:

Now that we are in the Top 3, I would like to mention that all three pairs of workers knee pads are great for tiling and I keep all three sets on me during work.

All three are great tile setting knee pads.

Realistically all three pairs are winners as they are all perfect knee pads for flooring work or tiling. However, this review is designed to provide a winner so let’s finish properly and keep going until we get one overall winner.

Think back to the KP Knee pads at number 9 and then take a look at these bad boys.

Toughbuilt have taken that overall design and supercharged it for the ultimate professional knee pad.

The two piece design will not only protect your knees but also provides you with the best support for your thighs, upper shins and even your ankles.

The raised profile helps keep your ankle elevated and straight during work and this benefit is really felt after a long day.

If I have a long day ahead of me laying floor tiles these knee pads are the first I put on. They are my hardcore all day endurance pads and I am happy for them. The adjustable straps are a great hybrid of elastic buckles and Velcro that ensure the knee pads stay in place.

These are the elite in knee pads for tilers. 

  • Most thorough protection of knees and legs.
  • All day comfort and protection
  • Protection from the roughest and toughest of surfaces
  • Straps ensure the large knee pads stay on all day
  • You look like an absolute boss wearing them!
  • The bulky size gets intrusive in tighter areas
  • The lower shim can make walking abit stiff
  • Outer plastic shell can prove to be slippery for roofing applications 
  • Hinges need to be kept clean to avoid the knee pads locking up
Knee Pads Recommended For:

  • Tilers
  • Carpet Layers
  • Concrete Layers
  • Landscapers
  • General Contractors
  • DIYers
  • Outdoors & Around the campsite

ToughBuilt TB-KP-3 Thigh Support Stabilization Knee Pad Review

These were the first pair of heavy-duty knee pads I wore after leaving the hospital. My knee was on the long road to recovery and very sore so I needed the most hardcore knee pads I could find. While time is the best healer, the bills did begin to mount so I had to return to work, sore knee or not.

To avoid a knee replacement on the first day back at work I got these ToughBuilt TB-KP-3 padded knee pads. The heavy padding and extensive support proved to be just as effective as they looked as I managed to get through that first day and coming weeks with minimal knee pain.

I found putting the Toughbuilt TP-KP-3’s on very easy thanks to the adjustable straps and elastic buckles clipping into place without problems and the two part design ensured they stayed in the right place all day.

The only time I had any problems with them was in small bathrooms where space was at a premium, it is a small gripe but needs to be said.

The Parts I Like About The ToughBuilt TB-KP-3 Thigh Support Stabilization Knee Pads


I love the tough design that gets the envy of any contractor on the building site. They show anyone that you mean business and they are every bit as tough as they look. The greatest benefit you will get from these is how they support most of your leg throughout the day.

With your thigh, calf and ankles supported you will find you can kneel for a whole lot longer than if you were using regular knee pads. The soft gel inserts provide a all over cushioning effect that helps relieve fatigue from your knee cap.

The Parts I Didn’t Like About ToughBuilt TB-KP-3 Thigh Support Stabilization Knee Pads

The drawbacks are all tied into the support these padded knee pads provide.

To be so supportive over such a large area these heavy-duty knee pads themselves require more bulk and surface area. They are huge! The first time I saw them I laughed, I have never seen knee pads so big, bulky and macho. They are the Hummer of professional flooring knee pads.

The only time you will find their size a problem is in small rooms as they force your knees further apart than usual. If you learn to live with it then it won’t be such a problem long term. Also, keep in mind the outer cap can prove to be slippery on smooth surfaces like roofing tile so if you work on those I would go for soft or leather knee pads that do not slide.

My Final Verdict On The ToughBuilt TB-KP-3 Thigh Support Stabilization Knee Pads

If you are a tiler with sore knees then these would be your winner right here. They are the absolute kings of support and comfort. When my pair bites the dust I will happily replace them with a new pair as their performance and comfort is unbeaten by any other.

Ideal for big days or intensive knee work you will find the ToughBuilt TB-KP-3 Thigh Support Stabilization Knee Pads to be your best friends.

Just be sure to keep that moving hinge clean of any mortar or glue, you don’t want to lock up the two parts!

If you think these knee pads are for you then you can learn more and order a pair at Amazon.

 #2 Ogre Shield Easy Knee Pads

Ogre Shield Knee Pads
Quick Review:

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing the Easy Walk Knee Pads by a new knee pad company: Ogre Shield.

The knee pads were so good that they got their own review on this website and also earned themselves a place in this Top 10 Best Knee Pads For Work Review.

A true honor in my eyes.

They are a revolution in the knee pad industry as they went back to the drawing board and designed a pair of knee pads that go totally against all conventional design. Starting with a thick strap instead of small individual velcro straps and moving on from there.

This design totally eliminates all the issues that normal knee pads have.

These are easily the most comfortable knee pads for work I have ever used – I can wear them ALL DAY without any irritation or pain behind the backs of my knees. 

If you are searching for truly comfortable knee pads and that’s your priority, stop reading now and go buy a pair. You can choose in either soft or hard exterior shells and they suit any task that requires kneeling down.

  • Actually Comfortable – No irritation behind the knees
  • Very Lightweight
  • Stay Up And In Position While Getting Up
  • Great Build Quality
  • American Designed + Made
  • Velcro Band Can Be Tight On Larger Legs
  • Knee Cup Fairly Shallow
  • Not Ideal In Wet Situations
Knee Pads Recommended For:

  • Electricians
  • Carpet Layers
  • Home Owners
  • Landscapers
  • General Contractors
  • DIYers
  • Outdoors & Around the campsite.

Ogre Shield Easy Knee Pad Review

The magic of the easy knee pads comes from their design. They forgo the traditional strapping behind the knees and instead, strap on around your calves. This results in a longer knee pad but I didn’t find it to be a problem at all.

Another part of their comfort stems from how lightweight they are. You can hardly feel they are on and that really helps during those  jobs where you are moving around a lot, keeping up and down constantly and generally getting the work done.  

The Parts I Like About The Ogre Shield Easy Knee Pads

The comfort you get from wearing these knee pads cannot be understated.

Anyone that has worn knee pads can tell you the irritation and discomfort that you experience while wearing any pair of knee pads for an extended period of time and it generally results in a love/hate relationship with wearing the things.

Well, the Easy knee pads remove that discomfort entirely, I guess miracles do happen. Imagine wearing knee pads all day and not feeling discomfort, knee pads that protect your knees and do not hinder your work – now stop imagining because these knee pads do just that. If you are looking for the best knee pads for comfort – you found em’.

The Parts I Didn’t Like About Ogre Shield Easy Knee Pads

Like many knee pads in this best knee pad review, the plus sides of these knee pads are also tied to their short falls. 

I would have loved these knee pads to come with thicker padding or better yet, gel padding instead of the traditional foam pads. The foam pads that come in these knee pads is much thinner than other knee pads and it doesn’t wrap around the sides of the knees. Having side protection helps when crawling around as it helps keep the knee pad in place. 

I feel gel technology padding would also be beneficial as it is a more modern knee pad filler and tends to be more absorbant and longer lasting. It tends to deflate less and retain it’s form for longer in comparison to old school foam padding.

The Velcro adjustable straps are great and hold well but I fear that some of us that have very thick calves could have a harder time strapping them on. Maybe Ogre Shield will release a XL version of their knee pads to accommodate this.

Over all though, the down falls are minor gripes in comparison to how truly comfortable these knee pads are.

My Final Verdict On The Ogre Shield Knee Pads

If you were to buy any knee pads from this entire review, I strongly suggest you purchase a pair of these. Even if you are wanting a more rugged knee pad like the NoCry Knee Pads, still purchase a pair of these and have them handy – you’ll be grateful you did.

They are truly a shift in the knee pad market as they throw away all the problems we face with knee pads and provide a genuine comfortable platform to kneel on. They also come in two varieties to suit all walks of life and situation, meaning that you can kneel on any surface with ease. 

Every home owner and contractor should have a pair of these on hand.

If you think these knee pads are for you then you can learn more order your pair at Amazon.

#1 NoCry – Professional Knee Pads

Nocry knee pads for work
Quick Review:

Ladies and gentlemen we have reached the end and at the end of it all, we have these.

The NoCry Professional Knee Pads.

I found these to the best overall workers knee pads, best knee pads for gardening and best knee pads overall for their blend of affodability and function.

They feature modern design elements like a gel cushion and polyester mesh to ensure your legs breath throughout the day.

The dual buckling system snaps around your legs quickly and easily, allowing you to get to work quickly with minimal down time. Although these are our overall winners they are not perfect by any means but for the price and quality provided they get the award.

As low price professional kneepads, they definitely fit the bill.

  • Dual buckling system with elastic straps 
  • Comfortable wide gel inserts
  • All day comfort 
  • Great build quality for the price.
  • Can shift off knee during use
  • Plastic cap can prove slippery
  • Straps might prove to lose for smaller legs
Knee Pads Recommended For:

  • Tilers
  • Carpet Layers
  • Plumbers
  • Landscapers
  • General Contractors
  • DIYers
  • Outdoors & Around the campsite.

NoCry Professional Knee Pads Review

To find a winner I had to take into consideration the stresses a professional job takes on any equipment. When it comes to something like working knee pads that suffer extreme pressures and scrapping against a hard surface, I know that any flooring knee pad will start feeling the strain in time.

What made me choose these as the winners was that they are very affordable and you can afford to buy multiple pairs without maxing out the credit card. For the money, they provide adequate comfort and protect your knees for most days and job applications and are sized for a common leg size.

While their versatility may be defeated by other knee pads like the ProKnee’s costing up to hundreds of dollars, the low cost far out weighs the extra life you will get from the top tier pads. Over the time I had them I didn’t suffer from any knee pain nor did the knee pads themselves suffer from much wear and tear.

For small jobs or anything around the home, these are my go to pair.

My wife Jane has her own pair which she uses for gardening and any house work she does. If she is happy with them then that definitely adds 10 points onto their overall score. 

The Parts I Like About The NoCry Professional Knee Pads

These knee pads feature in a popular price point and the range of knee pads around really make it difficult to stand out. What made these No Cry’s succeed was their overall build quality and use of modern materials.

The gel inserts mold to your knee and provide all the protection you could need for your job. Old fashioned foam has a tendency to deflate and go solid where gel remains soft and absorbent. I enjoyed the elastic buckles as they held in place well and didn’t irritate my skin on longer hours of work.

By looking at, others felt the same way as the number of positive reviews and sales of these NoCry Professional Kneepads really did outshine the competition.

The Parts I Didn’t Like About The NoCry Professional Knee Pads

Yes, even the best have their flaws and these padded knee pads are no exception.

While the elastic straps are a great feature you might find they do not tighten enough to fit snuggly around your knees. Also, keep in mind the plastic cap could prove slippery on smooth or wet surfaces so avoid any roof work if possible.

My Final Verdict On The NoCry Professional Knee Pads

For every day work these NoCry professional knee pads are my go to pair of comfortable knee pads. They provide all the protection my injured knees require and the general build quality is great for the affordable price.

While they still have their flaws I believe they should provide great support for whatever use you need them for as long as you do not ask too much of them. If you are happy with them then I would suggest you order another pair and keep them safe whenever the first pair bites the dust.

If you think these flooring knee pads are for you then you can learn more order your pair at Amazon.

How This Knee Pad Review Began – Story Time

I am biting down on my knuckles so hard I can feel the coppery taste of my blood in my mouth. I think the blood is getting onto my white singlet as I can feel it steadily getting wetter.

Occasional light from passing streetlights illuminates the interior of my truck as my wife drives me to the Emergency Room of the nearest Hospital.

She’s furious.
She’s furious and she’s furious at me. And oh boy is she letting me know.

I had slipped my ear muffs on at one point during the tirade but she ripped them off and threw them somewhere into the depths of the back seat.

“Dammit Carl Anders you listen to me.”

Her voice changes octaves and volume as often as the pulsing pain in my knee. “I TOLD you so many times to wear those damn knee pads and look after yourself. And what do you do?” 

Her voice gets particularly heated and she ends her sentence with a slam against the steering wheel.

At this point, I had given up arguing as mainly I would never win and in all honesty, she was right. She had every right to grill me and yell.

Part of the anger was fueled by disappointment at how her grown man of a husband could be so foolish and lastly because she was worried. I had woken up in the middle of the night to a knee swollen to the size of a basketball and more pain that I had ever experienced.

Imagine red-hot nails being driven deep into your muscle and marrow. Add some electrodes shooting voltage so strong you get paralyzed with every heartbeat and you’re getting close.

That’s what I was experienced that early morning.

Ten minutes later, my wife, Jane had somehow dragged me into my truck and herself into some clothes and was driving me to the closest E.R.

The Ram’s yellow beams penetrated the mist coming off the fields around us and flocks of startled geese sprung up in fright as we fishtailed off my gravel driveway and onto the main road. It was going to be a long drive to the nearest hospital in rural Georgia and my knee kept swelling more during the whole entire trip.

You know what caused all this?

A pair of damned Knee Pads. And my stubborn refusal of wearing them. Now we are driving through rural Georgia worrying more about the future than anything else.

Will my knee get better? When? How much will it cost, will the insurance cover it? Can I go back to work and provide a means to keep the family afloat?

Eventually, Jane calms down and says in an even tone.
“If you get through this with your knees intact, as God be my witness I will sew knee pads onto your knees if that’s what it takes to make you wear them.”

I bit down on my knuckles harder, I felt my singlet get wetter.

The First Test & Weeding Out The Weaklings

Fast forward a month and I am crawling around on my gravel drive yard as my wife watches. Beside me is a box full of every knee pad we could find online, the closest hardware stores, the best sellers from and about any other place that had a pair of knee pads for sale. We were really on a mission to protect your knees and mine.

Like a drill instructor, she is yelling instructions at me as I reach the end of the drive.

“Okay now put all your weight on your left knee.”

“Hows it feel? Okay now your right. Hold it. Okay, crawl back now.”

Just put a lead around me and I’ll be a damn mutt crawling at my master’s heels. Sure glad the closest neighbor is a ways off otherwise they’d never let me live this down. However humiliating this may be it still beats getting knee pads sew into my knees.

My wife is handy with a needle, I know she could do it if I pushed her enough.

Who else do you think repairs all my clothes when I carelessly tear them at work or around the house? But since we are still happily in love with each other I prefer seeing her on the right side of the penitentiary.

I want her to be my wife every day, not just on visiting day. I’d sooner sew them on myself then let her down again anyway. The test takes a few days to complete followed by me taking each pair to work and see how they shape up in the real world.

By crawling on the gravel Jane and I managed to widdle down the knee pads to 12 different pairs, these pairs I will use at work during the long days I am tiling and grouting floors, laying mud (screed) and about the other hundred things we tilers do on the floor.

The idea was that this test should help us find the best overall knee pad suited for tiling and any other contractor that works on his knees a lot. In case you are wondering, yes. All those knee pads cost us a small fortune but even after the hospital bill and all the knee pads the total cost was a fraction of a knee replacement.

That’s what I am looking at if I don’t be careful. If you are reading this review I bet it has crossed your mind as well ol’ buddy.

Are any wives reading this?

If you are like my Jane then I bet you are worried about your silly husband injuring himself and I don’t think you want him ending up like a cyborg with a new knee. While cyborgs are really cool and interesting, having super strength or x-ray vision would be better enhancements over a synthetic knee.

Just my opinion.

If you’re gonna spend the money, may as well be on something totally kick-ass right?
So this review is for all you out there, fellow contractors and DIYers and all of your concerned spouses.

Hopefully, my review will convince you to purchase a pair of knee pads and you will find a pair perfect for your requirements. Please make my crawling on the ground and humiliating myself worth it! Do it for your big bearded buddy Carl.

The Purpose Of This Review

Out of the vast array, I tested on the gravel test only 10 got through to this review.

These 10 flooring knee pads then went with me to my daily tiling job and got put through their paces as I knelt on them all day and put them through the rigorous crawling, twisting and pressures a regular day at work entails.

This knee pad review also aimed to provide users with information on:

• Workers knee pads

• Gardening knee pads

• Knee pads for home use

• Knee pads for camping and outdoors

The most important part of any professional knee pad is how well it will protect your knees and keeps them padded from the harsh surfaces you kneel on. Secondary factors like all day comfort and durability are also paramount, however.
You want a pair of knee pad that don’t hurt the back of your legs, torture your skin and cause irritation before the work day has barely begun. Knee pads like that are counter-intuitive and you don’t need that in your busy life. I have had many pairs with Velcro fasteners so thin or abrasive I was gritting my teeth before even an hour was up.

Durability is also a big factor as you want your professional kneepads to present great value for money. Some of these knee pads go for a good amount of bread so having them break in a month or two will simply not do. I will judge them on all these factors and mention any special traits each pair has in hopes that you will be able to decide which pair will best suit your needs.

We are all built from the same steel but in different molds, so one pair that may be right for me will be torture for you. Also be it you’re a contractor, landscaper, plumber, wooden floor layer or tiler, we will all require different working knee pads due to the various amounts of time we will spend on our knees.

The short answer is: there is no best knee pad for contractors. There are no best knee pads for flooring.
There are, however, the best knee pads for work!

This review will see to that.

The Importance of Workers Knee Pads

In essence, your knees are a very complicated system that can be easily damaged if not looked after properly.

If I had taken the time to study up about my knees before they decided to protest in the middle of the night I would have understood the warning signs and taken action.

What action?

Jumping online ASAP and getting a pair of professional kneepads.
As you now know, your knees are delicate and there’s nothing protecting your kneecap (the patella bone, remember) when we kneel on the ground. If we are kneeling for long periods of time on rough or cold surfaces the damage is definitely felt and whether it leads to any number of knee conditions is more a case of not if but when.

Knee pads are your knights in shining Armour to your damsels in distress which are your knees. They are there to protect, to fight off cold and unending pressure from the forces of surfaces mashing her face flat to the ground.

Whether you are a contractor that requires to work down low or even a home DIYER or avid gardener, a pair of good knee pads is your best protection from serious knee conditions and pain. Knee pads provide the padding that your natural body does not have and enable you to kneel on any surface for long periods of time. It’s that simple.

Whether it’s cold concrete, a pave-stone path or to avoid harsh chemicals spilled on the work surface, knee pads are the front line defense that will ensure your knees are healthy to fight another day.
Of course, we are all different and have different requirements.

That’s where the market flooded with 1000’s of different professional knee pads comes in and while the wide selection is great, it also creates confusion as to which pair is right for your task.

My review aimed to stop all that confusion and provide you with the information to enable you to find your perfect pair of professional knee pads.

 Finding The Best Knee Pads For Work – Conclusion

 My history with sub par and uncomfortable professional knee pads eventually caught up with me.

After omitting to use them more and more the damage to my knee proved to be too much. My wife was correct to be disappointed in me as my decision to not wear them was stupid and foolish, to say the least. The hospital recovery time helped to readjust my opinion about wearing knee pads and their importance.

I hope that I my review and story has helped you realize the importance of a proper set of hard working knee pads for all your line of work. Even if you are only using a pair of knee pads for gardening or outdoor activities, their use goes a great way towards saving yourself knee trouble.

This best knee pad review was a long time coming and the test itself involving over 30 pairs of professionals knee pads was more work than I could ever have imagined. Writing this alone took many weeks and late nights to get it resembling a review and I am still chasing the odd spelling error or contextual mistake. I’m not an English major by any means but I have a keyboard and I can string a few words together so I hope you bared with me. 

I can not thank my wife Jane enough. Without her this knee pad review would not have ever happened nor would I be continuing working as a tiler. We managed to get through some really troubling times together and I’m truly thankful for her continual support and help getting this review together.

While I could have broken down every knee pad thoroughly I believed a brief over view of the hardest working knee pads should suffice for any one looking for a new pair. Remember that every single pair here has it’s merits and benefits so do not be coerced to purchase the winning pair as you might find a much lower ranking pair to be best suited for your requirements. 

Every pair of professional knee pads that have gotten into the Top 10 are all top rated products by other users just like you. So if my experience isn’t enough, you have hundreds of hard working peoples opinions packing up each and every pair. Take a look through some reviews on or Home Depot to see what others are saying.

I hope you enjoyed my review of the Top 10 Best Knee Pads for work and use it to purchase the right pair meant for you.

 Many thanks for reading and remember,