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Best Knee Pads For Concrete – Review

Knee pads for concrete, yes they exist and yes you need them!

Today you will learn about the best knee pads for concrete and masonry and how a decent set of workers knee pads will help you work in comfort all day.

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I tested the best knee pads to ensure you buy the ones that protect your knees, are comfortable and can handle the abuse of kneeling on concrete all day.

Ready to find the best knee pads for concrete?

Let’s go!

knee pads for concrete

Hi there fellow hard-working hero and welcome to my review of the very best knee pads for concrete.

I have been working on hard concrete floors for over 25 years as a tiler and I have assisted in a fair share of concrete pours in my time.

I also called upon my friend Jed who is a concrete worker by trade to help make this the best and most accurate knee pads for concrete review this side of the sun.

This review of knee pads for concrete work is based on our findings, if you think you have an even better pair of knee pads – let me know! I’d love to review them and keep this guide updated.

You want the best knee pads as much as we do so let’s go do some kneeling!

The Best Knee Pads For Concrete

Name Avg. Customer RatingBest For:Price
ToughBuilt TB-KP-3 Thigh Support Stabilization Knee Pads4.5 StarsAll-round best protection on masonry & concrete.Check Price
Klein Tools - Tradesman Pro Knee Pads4 StarsElevated knee position on wet surfaces.Check Price
KneePro - Tactical Ultra Flex III 4.5 StarsHarsh and cutting surfaces like coarse rocks, stones.Check Price

The Best Knee Pads For Concrete – Quick Links

Your busy, I’m busy, so if you want to cut right to the chase, here are the best knee pads for concrete at the best prices.

The Best Knee Pads For Concrete:

1: ToughBuilt TB-KP-3 Thigh Support Stabilization Knee Pads

Toughbuilt really knocked it out of the park with these knee pads.

The TB-KP-3’s are the ultimate knee pads for concrete work with their tough exterior shell and heavy-duty padding.

Their strong where it counts and soft and supportive in all the areas you need it most.

They can handle a rough life of scraping on concrete all day, every day and come back screaming for more.

I’m on my second pair of these and highly recommend them to anyone wanting the best.


If you’re looking for great knee pads for concrete that feature gel instead of foam padding then the Klein’s are for you.

Featuring a deep padded seat that hugs your knee these are great for long days and extended hours on your knee.

The tough outer face absorbs any and all shocks you could throw at them and you don’t feel a thing.

A large single strap with an adjustable buckle makes these very comfortable and there’s no itching due to the absence of thin velcro straps featured on cheap knee pads. 

Their elavated profile helps keeps your knees dry in wet conditions.

3: K-P Industries Knee Pro Ultra Flex III Knee Pads

Meet Brutus, everybody.

He’s simple, tough and cheap.

The K-P Knee Pads are the cheapest knee pads on the review but work just as hard as all the others.

They are ideal for messy jobs as they simple plastic is easy to clean with a good blast from the water hose.

Adjustable buckles above and below the knee ensure they stay in place and the two-piece design ensures your entire knee is protected.

Available in a range of colors so you can make sure your outfit is always co-ordinated if that’s your game.

While not the most padded you still get enough protection to keep your knees safe all day long.

Don’t like any of these?

Check out the Rubi Gel Duplex Knee Pads I recently reviewed.

With raised outer caps and deep gel padding, they protect really well against concrete work and are very comfortable.

You can read the review here.

The Rubi Gel Duplex Knee Pads work great on concrete

These are the best knee pads for concrete, click the images and you will be taken straight to the best deal.

Select which ones you want, add to cart and you have yourself the best knee pads for working on concrete and all other harsh surfaces.

If you want to learn more about these knee pads for concrete then continue reading as I describe why they’re the best and what to look for when buying such knee pads for work.

What To look for in The Best Knee Pads For Concrete

As you know, the marketplace is absolutely flooded with knee pads for about every sport and activity imaginable.

The protection of knees is a very hot market and the number of knee pads on the market is by all accounts staggering. 

What’s surprising however is despite the huge variety, I bet you have found a lot of the knee pads quite frankly suck! 

They’re either made with padding that can’t withstand a baby kneeling on them let alone a full grown man or the straps dig into your legs so bad the pain drives you crazy. 

The trouble is there are so many of these ill-equipped and badly designed knee pads that they overshadow the good ones making them even harder to find. 

This very reason is why I ultimately gave up on knee pads for a long period of time, this, of course, led to my knee accident and my new mission on protecting the knees.

Features That Make A Great Knee Pad For Concrete

Now let’s take a look at what makes a knee pad work great for working on concrete.

Touching on the previous statements, you can get knee pads to suit just about every walk of life and activity you are involved in.

If you are having difficulty knowing what kind of working knee pad is best for kneeling on concrete then I have come up with a handy list of what you should look out for.

What Makes A Knee Pad for Concrete Great:

• Hard Outer Shell

A hard outer shell made from stiff plastic or rubber is a must as it will help absorb the impact of crawling around on the concrete all day.

The hard material is also more durable and less likely to get damaged like a knee pad made from leather or a material like neoprene.

The hard outer shell will withstand most shocks and scrapes you will place upon them without cracking or losing their integrity. 

Over months of daily use, the most damage you will find are minor scratches and scrapes across their surface and that is inherent with anything that is dragged across abrasive surfaces.

Your car tires drive across concrete and look what happens to them; you eventually replace them due to them wearing down.

Keep that in mind if you’re worried you’ll scratch up the surface of your knee pads.

It’s perfectly natural and that factor won’t affect their ability to protect your knees by any means. 

At the end of the day, it’s much easier and cheaper to replace a pair of knee pads rather than your knee cap!

• Full Knee Coverage

A good knee pad for concrete must cover your whole entire knee and hug it from both directions.

A knee pad like the one pictured is basically a padded square that only touches the one side of your knee.

Such knee pads are about as light duty as you can get and I personally wouldn’t bother buying them for any work requiring knee pads.

knee pads for concrete

The reason you want your knee pad for concrete to fully cover your knees is so your knees are protected in whatever position you’re in. 

 The vigors of the job will require you to twist, to have your legs placed awkwardly or kneeling half on half off a surface, in this situations a foam knee pad won’t do its job.

Either the knee pad will slide off your knee thus rendering it useless or your knee will be hitting the concrete due to having no padding there.

You need padding all around, simple as that.

• Elevated Knee

The last important factor you want to find in your best knee pad for concrete is how much elevation the knee pads give you.

Knee pads with an elevated profile are required for concrete work as the higher profile helps release tension off your shins.

This is achieved by raising your knee higher and thus lifting your shins off the concrete floor.

The less contact your shins will be making with the cold concrete the better and the overall better position helps relieve fatigue.

You will also find this is easier on your ankle as well as the angle is a lot more natural and less pronounced than it would be if you were kneeling without knee pads or on those terrible foam slab knee pads.

This point may seem minor now, but I assure you, after kneeling all day on some of the best knee pads for concrete, you will feel a difference.

Now that you know some of the criteria for which I based my knee pads for concrete review you will understand why I chose the three knee pads.

You are welcome to select your own pair of knee pads with this new knowledge, I will provide a link to the widest range of knee pads even seen by any man.

Click Here To Find Knee Pad Nirvana at Amazon.

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best knee pads for concrete

Testing the Best Knee Pads For Concrete

We should have stopped him while we had the chance.

It was all I was thinking as I was standing on the street, nervously waiting for the Ambulance to arrive.

We were older and wiser and should have seen how it would end up.

Instead, we laughed and let him do it.

Now he is rolling on the floor, holding his leg and moaning through the bit of wood we placed in his mouth to prevent him grinding his teeth to dust.

At least we thought that one through!

Okay, I bet you are wondering what the hell I am on about so I will fill you in.

As you know my concrete contractor Jed and I were testing out the best knee pads for concrete and we took the three pairs of knee pads to work.

After a couple of weeks taking turns with each pair and testing them at our various jobs, we convened on a Friday for a discussion and a few beers.

After comparing notes we decided on which of the three was the best and also concluded that any of the pairs would work as great knee pads for working on concrete.

The winner was, of course, the Toughbuilt T-B’s as we liked the high amounts of padding, support of thighs and shins alongside the great levels knee protection.

We also liked they didn’t cost the moon for such compotent knee pads, held up well to abuse and honestly, looked damn cool.

Jed’s apprentice in training was also there, knocking back beers like a thirsty sailor and decided to put the winning knee pads to “the ultimate test.”

“We have to be absolutely sure their the best, so I’m gonna test em to the max!”

He said this after finishing his fourth or fifth beer and started strapping the Toughbuilt knee pads on.

He said this with so much bravado and confidence we couldn’t help but laugh at him.

“What are you gonna do Jared?” I asked.

He started walking to the new home two storey home being built, it was only in the framing stage so it didn’t have stairs or anything.

Jared didn’t say anything as he started climbing the timber to the second story and made his way to the edge of the house.

“See that dirt pile over there? I’m gonna jump knee first into it, if the knee pads are as great as we say they are, I won’t feel a thing!”

There was indeed a large dirt mound left from the excavation work, it was tall but no way near tall enough for Jared’s idea to be smart.

Before anyone of us could stop him, Jared launched himself into the air, tucked his legs up beneath him like he was doing a cannonball into the river and fell knee first into the dirt pile. 

knee pads for concrete

We laughed for a split second before we could hear him yelling.

By the time we had run over to the dirt mound, Jared had rolled all the way to the bottom and was holding his left knee.

The knee pad had shattered leaving only the straps and the upper piece attached to him.

“What the hell did you do!” I yelled at him and then looked at where he landed.

Just beneath a light coating of dirt was a large chunk of concrete, it was a bit of an old driveway that got torn out during excavation and dumped in the pile.

Jared didn’t see it before he jumped and as luck would have it, he landed smack bang on top of it. No knee pad could withstand such an impact, no matter if they were the best knee pads for concrete or not.

We managed to get the remnants of the knee pad off Jared and gingerly inspected his knee.

It had the full spectrum of color from black to red all around the knee and judging by the bulge coming out from one side of his knee, his kneecap was dislocated.

Jed had enough first aid training to push the kneecap back into place but judging by the amount of swelling and pain Jared was in, we knew something was seriously wrong.

Eventually, the ambulance came and took Jed and his now incapacitated apprentice to the E.R to get his leg looked at.

It was a good month or two before I saw Jared working again and I couldn’t help but laugh that on his knees was a pair of Toughbuilt T-B Knee Pads.

He smiled sheepishly when I walked up to him.

“We proved it Carl! They truly are the best knee pads for concrete!”  He points to his knees and says “despite my knee being so f*cked up, I can still kneel on them all day! What other knee pads would allow that huh!”

All I could do was admire the kid’s enthusiasm but he did have a point.

In the most indirect and roundabout way, his test achieved had its goal.

And that goal was that the Toughbuilt T-B-K-P 3 Knee Pads were the ultimate knee pads for concrete work.

You can also add the best knee pads for post surgery and immature knuckleheads like Jared.

knee pads for concrete

The Facts about The Best Knee Pads For Concrete

In this section, I would like to mention some of the notes and conclusions Jed and I made about the knee pads we tested.

We already know the Toughbuilt T-B knee pads are the best masonsry knee pads and offer so much cushioning an injured knee can withstand pressure on it, however, there is plenty more to discuss.

Throughout the whole testing period and the months after I used the knee pads for my tiling work I learned more about them.

If the review didn’t prove to me these three knee pads were the best, it was just my daily routine that cemented the deal for me. Pun intended.

K-P Industries Knee Pro Ultra Flex III Knee Pads

The K-P Industries knee pads are a true testament to simple design working well.

If you take a close look at it you can pick out the few individual components that make up these hard working knee pads.

Two tough plastic shells make up the body with clasp holes pre-formed in the moulding process.

A nice chunk of padding is glued into the interior along with a more durable piece of rubber on the outside to show the name and act as an anti-skid surface.

Lastly, come the adjustable straps and boom, you have some knee pads.

I am sure that you will agree that often times it is the simple designs that prove to be the most lasting and reliable.

These knee pads remind me of an old diesel tractor my granddad used to have on his farm back when I was an ankle biter.

It was simplicity itself with just a few levers, big ol steering wheel and a chuggin’ diesel engine that never seemed to die.

He used to start it with a cord you had to wind around the starter, kinda like a chainsaw but 10 times harder to pull.

Even after he rolled the thing after drinking one too many at a Jamboree – luckily he was thrown clear – the local boys just helped him flip it back over and it turned over without an issue. 

It was simple, built well and damn tough. 

This is what I feel when I strap on my K-P Knee Pads for a long days work and just like that old tractor, they never let me down. 

These knee pads are ideal for laying rebar and concrete foundations as the two-piece design protects your whole entire kneecap.

I’ve had occasions where a rod of rebar wasn’t sitting flush to the ground and I crawled right into it.

If I hadn’t been wearing these knee pads, that rebar would have gouged me right above the kneecap.

Imagine the pain of getting hit in the sensitive area just above your kneecap, it ain’t fun.

The twin adjustable straps help keep these heavy duty knee pads in place no matter what you’re doing all day and due to being placed apart, they don’t rub into your skin or bunch up like lesser knee pads. (I’m looking at you DeWalt)

The K-P’s simple design also makes them great for dirty work since their padding is of a foam design.

This means a good blast from the hose is all you need to do to clean em at the end of the day and they’ll be good as new.

If any cement dries on all you need to do is give them a scrub with a stiff brush or old sponge.

Since these are knee pads for concrete, you will find they are fairly bulky and it may take some getting used to if you used small knee pads in the past.

It’s only a factor of getting used to the size and you’ll be soon forgetting their even on your knees.

Keep an eye out on the locking pin that keeps the two plastic shells together as that is the only weak point on these heavy duty knee pads.

Just don’t go smacking them with hammers and you’ll be fine.

Overall I am pleased with the K-P Industries Knee Pads, they are a great concreters knee pad and willing to work just as hard as you do.

They are one of few knee pads that come in a variety of colors so your whole crew can have different designs and best of all, they are damn cheap!

I definitely recommend you pick up a pair and see for yourself the rugged simplicity of these knee pads, you won’t be disappointed.

knee pads for concrete

Klein Tools 55629 Tradesman Pro Knee Pads

When Klein tools were designing their latest pair of heavy duty knee pads they had a look what others were doing and simply did it better.

And in doing so they seemingly reinvented the wheel…or knee pad in this case.

From all the knee pad designs I have seen this Tradesman Knee Pad is definitely unique and in a class of it’s own.

For starters, they did away from the traditional mounting point of their strap and instead of mounting it on the sides like others, they made it go all around the knee pad.

This thick, single piece of genius ensures it won’t tear away from the few stitches like other knee pads are prone to doing and also allows the knee pad to really strap in tight around your knee. 

Since the strap bends the whole padded area of the knee pad, it allows the knee pad to snugly conform to the shape of your knee and ensures it locks it in tight.

This means less movement while you’re on the move which means less downtime for you as your not constantly readjusting them throughout the day.

This feature alone makes these knee pads worth their weight in gold.

Speaking of gold and worth, this is the only real down point of these knee pads.

They are the most expensive knee pads on review here however in saying that, your credit card will barely feel the pinch of buying these knee pads.

If you read some more about their features I am sure you’ll consider the price a bargain.

For instance, these knee pads feature 5 layers of impact absorbing material in that big ol black chunk you see on the face of the knee pads.

These 5 layers act like your very own cloud of comfort as you go crawling out the worst crap the building site can throw at you.

If that ain’t enough, these knee pads feature both gel and foam padding.

In the center of the knee pad where your patella (knee cap) contacts the pad, you get a large pile of gel cushioning to smother any impacts and pressure on your sensitive kneecap.

The body of the knee pad and the part that shields around your knee is polyurethane padding that protects you when your kneeling on awkward angles. 

So as you can see, the price isn’t just for the brand name. 

Your paying for the premium material these bad boys bring to the table every day. 

I found these guys even more comfortable than the K-P Industries knee pads and with all that extra padding it really isn’t a surprise.

Of course with all this padding and material, I recommend you clean these with a brush or careful application of the water hose.

You don’t want to go wetting the inside of them unless you wanna be kneeling in a wet knee pad all week.

Jed says to avoid wearing these on muddy days and you shouldn’t worry about any of that.

Overall these Klein Tool Tradesman knee pads are the ultimate in user comfort and premium design.

If you want to stand out on the worksite while getting the very best in protection, these knee pads for concrete work are for you.

I’d definitely take a closer look at these if your knees are particularly sore or if you have had a knee replaced. 

A lot of customer feedback from guys just like you have said they could tolerate kneeling on their replacement knee thanks to the padding in these knee pads. 

Additionally, the strap featured in these knee pads is great at not bunching up or causing discomfort so keep that in mind. 

If you want something a little more sophisticated than the K-P Plastic Fantastic Knee Pads and with a lot more cushion, these Klein Tool Knee Pads are the ideal concreters knee pad for you.

knee pads for concrete

ToughBuilt TB-KP-3 Thigh Support Stabilization Knee Pads

Imagine the Terminator but instead of a machine dressed as Arnie, it’s dressed as the Hulk.

Then imagine the Hulk putting on a diamond coated Iron Man suit.

These Toughbuilt TB-KP-3 Knee Pads are the knee pad version of that.

Tough in just about every way and every bit as bad ass.

If you want to be the King of the Job Site, these knee pads will make you ruler of the land.

They’re big, they’re beasty and they protect like nothing else.

Everything from the outer casing to the padding and straps screams “heavy duty knee pad”.

Since concrete work is some of the most intense stress you can put on knee pads, these Toughbuilts are the ultimate knee pads for concrete.

Jared wasn’t kidding when he said they were the best, they kept his injured knee so well protected and shock free he was able to put in a full days work without complaint.

Try doing that with those pad slab knee pads, I guarantee you won’t last 5 minutes.

And you’ll probably get laughed off the building site for wearing knee pads for gardeners.

That isn’t a jab at gardeners by the way, my wife happens to be one and she edits this website so I gotta watch what I say (Damn right you do – Jane)

What I’m saying is that where gardeners kneel on soil, grass and the occasional paver or crushed shell path, they can use a thinner less aggressive knee pad.

(I happen to use Nocry Professional Knee Pads or your old Troxell Leatherhead kneepads, I hate padded slab knee pads just as much as you do – Jane)

So if you’re working on concrete, masonry, concrete board or hardwood all day you want knee pads that can handle the increased pressure. 

This means if you want your honour intact and a real knee pad that will protect your knees, you want a heavy-duty knee pad.

Especially if you are dealing with a damaged or even replaced knee.

If you do have a replaced knee and still putting in the 9-5 grind I raise my glass and tip my hat to you my old son, you have my utmost respect.

I’m staring down the barrel of a knee replacement if I don’t wear knee pads religiously, hence my big emphasis on knee pads on this website.

I want to inform anyone that cares to listen about the importance of knee pads and educate you on which knee pads are the best for your chosen trade.

Regarding the Toughbuilt TB-KP-3 Knee pads, these are just as concerned about your knees as I am.

However, these knee pads take it further by also ensuring your thighs and shins are taken care of, not just your knee.

With a raised profile and additional casing around your lower thigh, they help relieve stress by taking pressure off those parts of your body and taking the load unto themselves.

Since your knee is higher off the ground, less pressure is hitting your shins as you kneel and the upper support strap keeps your thigh from twisting around during work.

I have felt the benefits of this great system, especially in the winter months when the concrete is colder than a Nuns you-know-what. 

With my shins off the surface, I am safe from the cold penetrating into my bones and also the stress of constantly being pressed to the ground.

All three knee pads on review today feature this and I believe it’s imperative all knee pads for concrete do this.

Of course, all this isn’t good if the knee pads do not stay in place or are uncomfortable as heck for all day use.

In this regard, you need not worry as the twin adjustable straps of the Toughbuilt Knee Pads work very well in holding these knee pads in place.

The thigh stabilizing section plays a major part in this as it places a strap high above your knee and above the bending point.

This ensures it won’t slide during walking or crawling.

You also get another strap below the knee to lock them in firmly in place, with the straps placed so far apart you get a solid foundation and no bunch up.

This alleviates the painful burning sensation when two straps are digging into your knees when your kneeling.

Another great feature of these knee pads is that they come in either a foam fit or gel fit style.

If you prefer gel over foam for the softer feel then you can get the exact same pair fitted with gel instead.

I commend Toughbuilt on making this choice available to their customers as everyone has their own requirements.

If you want gel fit knee pads you can simply click on the click down box on the sales page I will link at the bottom of this review or you can click here.

Whether you prefer gel or foam is up to you but I find the gel helps distribute your weight more evenly across the knee pad.

This advantage comes at a slight price premium so keep it in mind when you are deciding.

In regards to kneeling on concrete these knee pads hold up as good as you’d expect them to.

Their aforementioned toughness is evident on whichever tough surface you crawl across and they don’t damage easily.

Since their outer casing is a tough semi-textured plastic you will find grazes and scrapes on their surface if you drag your knees around but this shouldn’t be of major concern.

Wear and tear is inherent with every tool on the worksite including us, we feel the wear and tear every day when we collapse on the couch so it’s not surprising our knee pads will feel it as well.

If you want to ensure your Toughbuilts are kept pristine, just avoid skidding around on them and give them a wipe down at the end of the day. 

Why I feel the Toughbuilts knee pads are the very best knee pads for concrete is by their overall well-engineered design and build quality.

The locking pin keeping two parts together is of much greater quality over the K-P Industries knee pads and all the materials are of a higher quality.

Of course you would expect this with a knee pad costing more than the plastic fantastics.

The increase in quality does reflect on how well they have lasted me, I have owned my pair since my original best knee pads for work review and their still looking like new.

Just with a nice collection of thinset stains and scrapes.

The buckles, velcro strap and padding are still doing their job brilliantly however so that’s where it matters.

Their comfort and support make them my go-to pair of knee pads for any day I know I’ll be kneeling for long periods at a time.

When I pack it down for the day my knees are whistling a happy tune as they didn’t get abused all day, all thanks to the Toughbuilt knee pads.

I truly recommend these if your work requires a lot of kneeling or crawling across the rough and tough stuff, there really isn’t a pair of knee pads that can match these in terms of protection.

Their big size may take some getting used to but once you’ve adapted to them, you’ll be working hard without noticing them.

Take a look below at the links below to either the foam or gel padded Toughbuilt knee pads, simply click on an image to check them out for yourself.

knee pads for concrete

In Conclusion – The Best Knee Pads For Concrete

Working on a hard surface can put your knees through some of the biggest stresses and cold temperatures.

Without the best knee pads strapped onto your knees, you will be feeling the full brunt of what that harsh surface has to offer.

Thankfully there are a selection of knee pads for working on these surfaces that keep you protected from all of that.

With essential features like tough outer caps, high levels of padding and raised profiles, it’s these things that make a true cement knee pad.

I reviewed three knee pads that I feel to be the very best knee pads for cement work as they offer unparalleled protection, durability and features that set them apart from other knee pads.

The simple but tough K-P Industries Knee Pads offer brute strength and durability thanks to their minimalist design and can be thrown through all the dirty stuff without complaint. 

Klein tools Knee Pads came in second with a clever and original design.

Not only does it offer a snug fit with its strap design but it’s 5 layers of padding along with both foam and gel make these the softest pair of knee pads for cement work.

They’re not as easy to keep clean as the K-P Knee Pads but their strengths far outweigh the cons.

Lastly, the winner was the Toughbuilt TB K-P 3 Knee Pads as they offered all the best features of the two other knee pads in an all-round great design.

With additional support for both your thighs and shins these knee pads will ensure a long days work on the cement won’t be as punishing as it once was.

I use these nearly every day and find their durability for such a complex knee pad to be up there with the best knee pads for work and all the materials are of top quality.

Their title as best knee pad for concrete was cemented in place with an unfortunate accident by an apprentice worker who took a dive from the second story of a house onto bare concrete. 

After he recovered he was able to kneel all day on the injured knee with the help of the Toughbuilt Knee Pads, if that isn’t a true testament to these knee pads, I don’t know what is. 

So there you have it, the very best knee pads for masonry and concrete, I hope I managed to show you your next pair of knee pads. 

Once you have decided which pair is right for you, simply click on their images to be taken straight to their buying page at Amazon. 

I tracked down the lowest prices for you so all that’s left is for you to order. 

↓↓↓Your pair of damn good knee pads for concrete are just a click away↓↓↓

best knee pads for concrete

Why are you still here? Go get some kneepads buddy!