Hi there, my name is Carl and I am the head honcho here at Tilers Place.

I have been tiling as a professional for close to 25 years now and have seen many great (and not so great) innovations in our chosen field in that time.

Having been doing this for so many years and with thousands of satisfied customers under my belt I feel I know a wee bit about tiling.

I have worked all over the country including a stint overseas back when my beard was much shorter.

I firmly believe in embracing new trends and technology that is introduced to the world of tiling so you will be sure to see them all here.

About Tilers Place

I started Tilers Place as I got sick of seeing tile gear reviews written by people that never laid a single tile in their lives.

Never even held a trowel or a  handheld tile saw in their hands yet they expect  you to take their advice?

I didn’t like that these sorts of sites gave out wrong information for the honest person looking for an honest review.

I aim to change that.

I will flush out all the jokers that rewrite the item description and call it a “review” or give out ridiculous advice like removing grout with a hammer and screwdriver.

If you want proper hands on reviews written by a man in the industry then Tilers Place is your answer.

It can be a local corner of the net to hang out and find out something new in the great art that is tiling.

It is aimed for professionals, amateurs and DIYers to receive information, tips and plenty of reviews on the latest and greatest in the world of tiling.

With house flipping becoming a fast growing business, first time flippers will also find the information I provide invaluable as well as they take on tiling and grout jobs for the first time.

I will also branch off into other trades as some tools will overlap so any contractor is welcome here.

I will be writing all the reviews and articles while my wife Jane may liven them up with a relevant photo of two – if we ask her nicely of course.

Since it’s launch, Tilers Place has fast become one of the biggest resources of tiling knowledge available on the internet for free. 

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Tilersplace.com imparts knowledge on a general basis that cannot cover every conceivable circumstance a user of this site may be in.

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