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Rubi Gel Duplex Work Knee Pads Review

The popular manufacturer of tiling tools, Rubi Tools, has entered the knee pad market with their idea of the best knee pad for work.

With a heavy duty design and comfortable gel inserts, I put them through their paces to see if they live up to the high standard of Rubi Tools and deserve a place in your work truck. 

Are they the best knee pads for work?

Let’s find out.

Rubi Gel Duplex Knee Pads for work
Carl Anders from

Hi there and welcome to the only website providing detailed and honest knee pad reviews for hard-working people like you.

My name is Carl and for the past 20 years, I have been tiling professionally and messing around with plumbing, electrical work, carpentry and all the hundred other things we handy weekend warriors dabble with.

Over those years I have knelt on my knees a heck of a lot and after a health scare that nearly resulted in a knee replacement, I have become a big-time user of knee pads.

I know a good pair of knee pads when I see one and I use that knowledge to test and review the best knee pads on the market.

Today we look at the Rubi Tools Gel Duplex knee pads to see if they deserve to be called professional knee pads for work.

Rubi Tools Gel Duplex Knee Pads – Overview

The new Rubi Tools Gel Duplex Knee Pads are designed with durability and user comfort in mind.

They are one of the most comfortable knee pads that I have ever used thanks to a heavy emphasis on user comfort.

With thick gel padding and external plastic caps, they effectively protect you from any cold and harsh surface you’ll encounter at work.

The soft plastic caps are also removable, effectively making them twice as thin and compact.

All this design and premium materials doesn’t come cheap – the price of these workers knee pads is higher than mainstream knee pads.

However, I believe the extra money is worth spending as you’ll likely get twice the life out of these knee pads in comparison to cheaper knee pads around the $20 mark.

After a month of daily use, these knee pads are still looking like new and the gel padding remains supportive.

I couldn’t say that about other knee pads. (I’m looking at you DeWalt.)

Buckling System: Elastic Velcro + Adjustable Buckle

Padding Material: Silicone Gel

EN14404 Safety Standard Level: 1


• Top Quality Gel Padding

• Very Comfortable

• Straps Don’t Bunch Up Behind The Knee

• Exceptional Protection On Tough Surfaces

• Elevates Shin Off The Ground 



• More Expensive Than Regular Knee Pads

• Buckle Slow To Put On

• Quite Bulky

• Raised knee position may cause rolling for first time users of high knee pads.

Rubi Gel Duplex Knee Pads are Recommended For:

• Carpenters
 • Plumbers
 • Electricians
 • Landscapers
 • Concrete Layers

 • Flooring Installers
 • HVAC Installers
 • Outdoor Use
 • Tilers
 • You! 

Other Recommended Workers Knee Pads

Toughbuilt Gel Fanatic Knee Pads
These knee pads are even larger than the Rubi Gel Duplexs and also offer gel padding.

The buckling system is more comfortable but not as durable.

Nocry knee pads for work
Much more of a general working knee pad featuring foam instead of gel.

Not as supportive in the long term compared to the Rubi Gel Duplex knee pads but they are more affordable.

Klein Tools Knee Pads for Construction.
Unique single strap design combined with 5 layers of shock absorption make for very comfortable knee pads for flooring work.

Price is comparable to the Rubi Gel Duplex knee pads.

Rubi Gel Duplex Knee Pads – Review Introduction

The Monk Who Wore Knee Pads

In the 14th Century, there arose a sect of Monks who would viciously whip themselves to prove their dedication.

They were called Flagellates and they got it into their heads that only by self-mutilation and punishment, they were truly showing their faith.

Eventually, the Church put a stop to their extreme actions as the Monks were spreading the word that self-flagellation cleansed the soul of sins – which was a big lie.

What’s all this got to do with a knee pad for work review?

While no way nearly as extreme as whipping the flesh off my back, writing these knee pad reviews feels like my own unique form of painful dedication.

I am paying the price caused by my stupidity and stubbornness.

Because despite of all the warnings from my wife and doctors, I rarely used knee pads in my daily working life.

This eventually culminated in my knee swelling up to a basketball size, a panicked trip to the E.R and a one-way trip down knee replacement lane.


The Rubi Gel Duplex Knee Pads for work are look and work great on the job.

Luckily, I avoided the knee replacement but racked up a vomit inducing hospital bill compounded by the months I was off work and recovering.

My wife Jane – ever wise and vengeful – has not let me forget this colorful episode in our marriage and having an ounce of wisdom in my brain, I do not oppose her about this.

Regular readers here will know she was the driving force behind me organizing and writing the most comprehensive and detailed review about knee pads for work

It took months, cost us thousands of dollars in knee pads alone and drove me close to insanity.

Have you ever tried writing about knee pads?

Go on, I’ll wait. try and write a paragraph about them.

Okay, now try to make it sound interesting and actually informative.

How about reviewing your current pair of knee pads, could you write a couple thousand words about em?

The best knee pads for work reviewed.

Yeah, I thought so. You got better things to do anyway.

Can you begin to see why that Top 10 Knee Pads Review was a challenge to write?

Of course, it didn’t end there as in order to prove my piety (my religion being to always wear knee pads), I will continue reviewing new pairs of knee pads on this website.

While I love to write about tiling gear and knee pads are no exception really, it’s not the easiest subject matter to write about as I strive to make all my articles interesting to you.

I guess that shows why no one on the planet has written knee pads reviews to this degree yet, you would think with billions of souls on our Earth, someone would have done it by now right?

Nope, not even close.

The knee pad for work reviews that are out there are pitiful in their brevity and lack of any creative energy.

Just a list of knee pads the author slapped together.

I have to admit, I am quite proud of this, even if it came through my sheer stupidity.

My little ol’ website, , is the only resource that has authentic and thorough reviews about knee pads for work.

Way to go, Mr.Carl Anders, you’ve proven to the world that you are the most boring person on the entire planet. 

At least it keeps my wife happy, and we all know the old saying about happy wives and lives.

Plus I still want some semblance of a love life, that fire is never really satiated.

Did I mention my wife is my editor? 

Awkward. (Stop it or your sleeping on the couch tonight – Ed.)

Rubi Gel Duplex Knee Pads – A Gift

Did you know that, after 7 years of marriage, over 50% of marriages begin to fall apart due to a lack of satisfaction?

Being able to complete each other’s sentences is no longer fun and cute, life becomes tedious from its predictability and the couple’s start to get bored. 

Of course, this is only a statistic and I’m sure your marriage or relationship is fairing well but as good as it’s going, remember to keep it fresh and try new things.

Like what my wife did.

You see, Jane was worried that our marriage was getting a bit too routine and so she did something completely new and unexpected.

On a night she knew I’d be working late, she set up a surprise (in hindsight it was a trap.)

Love in a marriage can decrease over time if couples get bored with each other.
When I got home, it was already dark.

The house was dark but I knew she was home as I smelt food cooking and the fire was going, throwing flickering shadows across the living room walls.

I called out to Jane to see where she was, but no reply.

I didn’t think too much of it as maybe she was working upstairs with her headphones in and didn’t hear me get in.

After dropping my things in the kitchen I head upstairs to get out of my work clothes that were less than fresh after a big day.

I immediately see her when I rounded the corner of the staircase.

There are candles lit in our bedroom and their light creates a silhouette of her standing in the doorway.

There’s just enough light to see she’s wearing amazing and very expensive lingerie (my credit card bill confirmed it), complete with stockings and the belt that holds them up.

After the initial few seconds of shock and excitement pass, I finally notice it.

The thing that’s weird in this picture.

She’s wearing knee pads.

Big, bulky knee pads over her silky and prestine stockings.

This image sumarizes what my wife did, except she had knee pads on.
I’m laughing and shaking my head at it now but I bet you can imagine my surprise and bafflement at the knee pads’ inclusion in my wife sexy ensemble.

Finally she speaks and says “I got you some new knee pads…you like em?”

She then grabs my hand and leads me into the sanctum.

It’s only hours later that she whispers the dreaded words in my ear “now that you’ve reviewed them, write a proper review.”


She definitely keeps the marriage full of surprises, that’s for sure. (Your welcome 😉 – Ed.)


Rubi Gel Duplex Knee Pads – Full Review

Now that you know the how and why of this review, let’s actually start reviewing these new workers knee pads.
Front side of the Rubi Gel Duplex knee pads shows an attractive design.
Rubi Gel Duplex, the back side shows the thick gel padding inside.

First Impressions

When I finally got my hands on them the next morning, my first impressions of the new Rubi knee pads were all positive.

I really liked the overall look and feel of these knee pads.

The clear outer shell is aggressive in design and the classic Rubi color scheme of red and black looked great across the middle section.

Flipping them over, I was interested to see that these knee pads feature a hybrid strapping system.

Whilst all other knee pads have either two velcro straps or buckles, these Gel Duplex knee pads have an elastic velcro fastener on the top and an adjustable buckle on the bottom.

Kind of giving you the best of both worlds in a sense as both systems have their own unique advantages and shortfalls.

What impressed me even more was the silicone gel padding inside the knee pads – and the quality of it.

This is serious surgical strength silicone right here fellas.

Unlike other soft gel knee pads like the DeWalt DG5204, these knee pads have a very thick layer of gel padding.

The DeWalt knee pads have about half the amount of gel padding and that lack not only makes them less comfortable, but also degrades quickly over time.

The gel padding in these workers knee pads is a step above all others.
I owned a pair of the DeWalt Knee Pads and after a couple weeks of use at work, the gel was all pushed to the side of the knee pads and I was essentially kneeling on two layers of fabric and nothing more.

I can confirm that the gel padding in the Rubi Gel Duplex knee pads is better because as of writing this knee pad review, I have been using them at work for over a month and the gel is still in place and it’s still supporting my weight.

Another thing I noticed about these flooring knee pads was that the plastic outer shell can be removed and a whole different knee pad is revealed underneath.


The Rubi Gel Duplex knee pads are two sets of knee pads in one.

This smaller and more rounded knee pad is perfect for those times you are requiring a compact knee pad suited for short kneeling periods or work in tight places.

HVAC installers and carpenters should find this knee pad for work setup perfect for them as the less bulk will be of benefit.

For tiling work or any of the more heavy duty kneeling trades, I suggest you clip on the plastic shells and leave them 99% of the time.

While the slimmer design would be great for grouting or softwood floors, I find the knee pads to be less comfortable and supportive with the shell’s removed.

Besides that, the outer plastic shells seem to be non-marring and soft so there shouldn’t be any concerns of scratching delicate surfaces anyway.

So if you are working with natural stone like marble or delicate wooden floors, your hunt to find knee pads that don’t scratch is over.

Nonetheless, it’s still nice to know there are options with these heavy-duty knee pads for construction and installing use.

Upon putting on the knee pads, I was immediately reminded of a hug from a well-endowed lady.

Warm, soft and filling you with the irrepressible urge to bury your face deep in it.

Or in this case, your knee.

Every man has hugged a well-endowed lady in their life and knows that feeling, even if that lady was their grandma.

Thanks to the gel padding, the knee pads are damn warm and if you leave the plastic caps on, perfect for kneeling on cold or frozen surfaces all winter.


The plastic caps also help in elevating your knee and shin higher than regular knee pads for work, making them even more effective at protecting you from the cold and also promoting better posture while kneeling.

Prolonged exposure to cold temperatures on your knee can cause extreme pain and discomfort, so protecting against it is your best painkiller. 

I have only used a couple knee pads that have kept the shin elevated in the past and it’s a feature I now actively require in all my flooring knee pads.

The high profile of the knee pads help elevate your shin.

If you have never used knee pads that elevate the shin before, you should definitely give the Rubi Gel Duplex Knee Pads a try as the improved posture is very beneficial in the long run.

Lastly, I want to mention that the general feel and quality of the work knee pads felt very impressive.

Rubi Tools have done a great job creating a soft gel knee pad that is not only comfortable but also built to withstand the stresses of the worksite.

The bottom buckle is a bit stiff when new and not too easy to fasten.
The materials used feel like good quality, there’s double stitcking holding it all together and there were no loose threads.

With the general first impressions done, let’s talk about how they felt as work knee pads for the month I used them.

Rubi Gel Duplex Knee Pads – Long Term

So over a month has passed since my wife surprised me with these new work knee pads.

My old Nocry Professional Knee Pads that I reviewed previously were starting to fade away and so getting these new Rubi Knee Pads was perfect timing.

And what’s the verdict of my new tiling knee pads?

I wish I got them sooner!

Seriously, once you try them for yourself, you’ll think the same way. Especially after kneeling on them all day and feeling how comfortable they are.

They made my old NoCry Professional Knee Pads feel like rocks and I previously touted how good they were, they won a few of my knee pad reviews even!

The soft gel padding in the Rubi Knee Pads is thicker and of better quality than other working knee pads and you get protection all around your knee, not just the knee cap.

I was concerned at first that the high profile of the knee pad, with the raised outer plastic cap, would make crawling around on the hazardous.

Since the knee is so elevated, I thought that the knee pads would have a tendency to roll, causing my knee to hit the surface on an angle every time I shifted.

Fortunately, Rubi Tools had thought of this when designing their new work knee pad, and the outer casing is designed not to do this.

You can crawl around as securely as you would on your bare knees, the knee pads just plant down firmly and evenly with every movement.

I purposefully tried to roll my knee and see if they would slide off to the side but the knee pads held firm.

The gel knee pads provide a nice flat stance while kneeling.
That is seriously impressive stuff.

The secure fit is all thanks to the deep and enclosed design of the knee pad and the buckling system.

The Buckling System

These work knee pads feature both the elastic velcro and buckle system making for a secure hold.

The buckling system is quite a unique feature on gel knee pads of this sort as they utilize both the elastic velcro and adjustable buckle.

The elastic velcro is used on the top half, well above the knee joint, making these the sort of knee pads that don’t scratch the backs of your legs!

A feature that all us flooring professionals beg for.

Also, thanks to the design, the straps do not bunch up together while you are kneeling either.

Lastly, the straps really do hold these knee pads in tightly and securely, you can walk around all day in them and they won’t slide down or roll while you are kneeling.

If that all sounds too good to be true, it isn’t all rainbows and sunshine, unfortunately.

Yes all of the above is 100% true, the straps do a damn good job, however, you still feel them while you are wearing them.

Over long hours of wearing them, you’ll begin to feel the same fatigue that all other knee pads bring after extended periods of use.

Also, the buckle system is a bit stiff to use while the materials still new, it isn’t as quick as snapping some velcro together.

In saying all of that, it’s really a minor nit-pick as these problems are inherent with all workers knee pads so it’s just something we need to live with.

I prefer to live with minor discomfort than a knee replacement and I’m sure you would agree with that as well.

Have you even seen the cost of a knee replacement lately?

It’s $50,000.

You sure could buy a lot of knee pads for that money, more than enough to last you, your kids, grandkids and about 6 more generations of tile setters.

Think I’ll stick with buying some knee pads thanks.

Think these work knee pads are for you? Check em out here.


Life With The Rubi Gel Duplex Knee Pads

There’s really not much else to say what already hasn’t been said.

All up, these work knee pads are damn good!

I used them for pretty much everything to make sure I was testing them properly.

For my tiling profession I get to kneel on a variety of surfaces:

• Smooth to rough concrete

• Floors with protruding nail heads

• Various chemicals

• Uneven surfaces

The Rubi Gel Duplex knee pads kept my knees, shin and boots well clear of any of that stuff.

The only thing touching the harsh surfaces was the plastic shell of the knee pads and the toe of my boot, which is steel capped anyway.

When used as flooring knee pads, they held up well to all the stress.

The outer shell didn’t get scratched up excessively thanks to the type of plastic used, something that the Troxell Knee Pads I reviewed couldn’t handle so well.

The advantage of having a removable outer shell is that, after a messy day, I could just remove the cover and hose off any thinset or concrete that stuck to them.

The Rubi Gel Duplex knee pads keep the shin well elevated and flat.
Having easy to clean knee pads definitely helps keeping them looking new for longer, not to mention that you won’t have sharp pieces of dried concrete stratching delicate surfaces or flaking off during grouting for instance.

After a month of daily use, the Rubi Gel Duplex knee pads are still looking good, the sticker on the front is a bit torn but otherwise, all is good, which is a first for me.

I tried using them as knee pads for gardening and of course they aced that test, their a bit overkill if anything but heck, if you want the best knee pads for gardeners, here you are.

Conclusion – The Best Work Knee PAds?

In a bid to keep our marriage fresh and exciting, my wife accidentally found one of the best work knee pads I have every tried.

With a two in one design, deep gel cushioning and overall great knee protection, the Rubi Gel Duplex Knee Pads tick all the right boxes.

When I conducted my Top 10 Best Knee Pads for Work Review, I tested all of those knee pads on similar criteria, criticizing their buckling system, use of padding materials and general durability.

If the Rubi Gel Duplex knee pads were around for that review, I honestly believe they would have taken it out.

They could easily wear the crown of the best work knee pads for 2018 and even 2019 if no new design trends are introduced.

The main drawback of these knee pads is the price but they are still under $100 and with the quality design and materials, they should last longer than $20 knee pads anyway, making them a wise investment.

If you are a professional flooring installer, are on your knees a lot or just looking for some damn comfy knee pads, I recommend these knee pads for you.

Rubi Tools have knocked it out of the ballpark with this one like they always do with their quality tile cutters and tiling tools, now they can proudly add work knee pads to their range of quality products.

If you want to have a closer look at the Rubi Gel Duplex Knee Pads, I have included a link down below.

If you end up getting a pair of these knee pads, be sure to let me know what you think of them down below in the comments!

I’d love to hear your opinion on them.

Also be sure to thank my wife Jane, because if it weren’t for her “efforts”, we wouldn’t know about these great work knee pads!

Love ya Jane <3 

Rubi Gel Duplex Knee Pads For Work

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