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Telehandler Rentals in Alberta offer durability and capability at low-cost. Telehandlers are built for rough terrain and Lethbridge Equipment Rentals maintains a fleet of capable machines ready for your use.

What is a telehandler?

A telehandler is a multi-purpose piece of equipment that lifts, moves, and places materials. With thick wheels, a sturdy cab, and variable reach, it is capable of handling rough terrain such as that found in agricultural warehouses, construction sites, and on farms.

The lift capacity is not sacrificed for capability. Many have a maximum load capability between 5,500 and 15,000 pounds depending on factors such as the suspension, size, and type of boom.

What types of projects require a telehandler?

Telehandlers are versatile. They may have booms that reach dozens of feet or are used as heavy duty forklifts.

Use this hardware when:

  • Needing to lift heavy objects
  • Moving across uneven and rough terrain
  • Dealing with obstacles

The telehandler is an all-purpose forklift. Manufacturers such as JCB and Genie ensure that their machines are built for a wide range of tasks.

Forklift v. Telehandler

While similar and capable of lifting heavy objects, a telehandler is not your typical forklift. Where a forklift has a front-facing system, this equipment typically uses a rear-mounted boom.

This makes it difficult for a telehandler to manoeuvre. They have a much larger turning radius. However, they can also handle larger loads and are not limited to concrete or asphalt.

Is it cheaper to own or rent a telehandler?

When deciding on which type of machine you need, it is also useful to consider whether you should rent or own. Most similar heavy equipment has a lifespan of 5000 hours, requires maintenance, and needs storage.

Renting is more beneficial when you expect your machine to sit in a shed longer than be deployed in the field. You avoid the cost of spare parts and a solid maintenance regime unless planning to rent for a long period of time.

Cost savings are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars in this case. Most machines run between $90000 and $170000. Lift capacity is the main factor affecting the price range.

Where can I pick up and drop off a telehandler?

Lethbridge Equipment Rentals offers a simple four step process for farm equipment. Contact our team or book hardware from the comfort of your own home.

Once you make the leap, we make it easy to obtain insurance, schedule a delivery, and plan for pickup. We offer pickup and delivery to help you save on manpower hours and the cost of a trailer.

Telehandler Rentals in Alberta

Heavy lifting is part of almost every major rural project. Telehandler rentals in Alberta provide without being phased by rough and muddy terrain. Lethbridge Equipment Rentals offers well-maintained hardware with help from our yard to your farm or construction site.

Visit our website to book your equipment or get in touch with our well-trained staff who can help you find exactly what you need. Either way, get in touch today.

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