Finding the right sandblasting cabinet to meet your needs can be a challenge, however, going into the purchase with a bit of information will definitely help you get a good match. Before you decide to buy the first one you come across that fits within your budget, consider taking some time and looking more closely at a few models.

Badboy Blasters carries a wide range of sandblasting cabinets, designed to stand the test of time and to meet a variety of needs. As a family owned and operated business, Badboy Blasters understands the industry thoroughly and strives to make the highest quality products available to their customers. They know a sandblasting cabinet is not going to last unless it is made from quality materials, and it’s not going to do the customer very much good without being backed by outstanding customer service.

Looking for a great all-around sandblasting cabinet? Take a look at Badboy Blaster’s Abrasive Media Sandblasting Cabinet BB1050LED. Like all of the products available from Badboy Blasters, the BB1050 is made in the USA, from start to finish. One of the features customers really like about the 1050 is that it has an internal LED lighting system- something that is essential for small parts, unless you want to keep pulling out the item you’re working on and inspecting it over and over. Additional features include:

– Equipped with vacuum features
– Offers 48” x 29” work area
– Is a direct pressure blast system
– All-welded cabinet
– Blast gloves made from natural rubber/vinyl
– Heavy-duty production foot or HV hand control valve assembly
– Built to last! Heavy steel housing and high production brass flow valve
– Air regulator/water trap
– Self-contained 600CFM vacuum system with filter
– Available in any color

Take a look at a couple of videos at where you can actually see the BB1050 sandblasting cabinet at work and if you feel that it might be a good fit for your shop or location, just make a call to Badboy Blasters at 330-413-5262.

The BB1050 sandblasting cabinet is very reasonably priced; in fact you wouldn’t find a comparable sandblasting cabinet on the market for anywhere close to the price at Badboy Blasters. The cabinet’s construction is not common to the poor workmanship you are apt to see on the market today, but is instead built to provide years of service to your shop. Financing is available for this model as well as other models on the website. You can finance the BB1050 for just $88 per month.

Apply for financing at if you’d like to get this unit into your shop for a very low upfront cost. If you have any tech questions about any of the sandblasting cabinets you see, feel free to call tech at 330-413-5262. Badboy Blasters is proud to be able to bring you the toughest and hardest working sandblasting cabinets in the industry. You will never be sorry you opted for quality over saving a few dollars.

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